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Help us save more donkeys like Roma

Roma is just one of many abandoned donkeys taken into our care each year from Ireland. When we found this little donkey foal stuck in a freezing bog we were there to pull her to freedom. We need your vital support. Donate today to offer a brighter future to desperate donkeys like Roma. Find out more about how your support is helping...

Roma's story

When we found Roma she needed our urgent help. Having been abandoned at such a young age, she found herself fighting for her life, up to her neck in the middle of a freezing cold bog.

Spotted by one of our donkey welfare advisers, Jane Bruce, while on a routine visit in the Galway region, the little donkey foal was clearly in distress.

Call for help

Time was of the essence and Jane called for help. Two local policemen arrived just in time while Jane sank into the bog beside Roma to comfort her; stroking her face and talking to her.

She was disorientated and trembling, but despite probably never being handled before, she let Jane slip a head collar on with no struggle at all - either too exhausted to fight or too shocked to resist.

Freezing cold

With a lot of effort and plenty of patience Roma's rescuers pushed and lifted her out of the bog. She was wet from head to toe and shivering uncontrollably.

Roma was out of the water but she needed urgent veterinary care. Suffering from hypothermia and severe stress, she had been saved just in time. A vet examined the young donkey and gave her a dose of anti-inflammatory medicine to ease her sore muscles.

Sanctuary support

Now at The Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland, Roma will never have to worry about getting cold again. Thanks to your support she will always have a cosy barn with soft bedding, enough food to eat and grooms to take care of her.

Please support donkeys like Roma today by giving a cash gift or setting up a Direct Debit payment.

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How your donation will help

BEDDING - £5 can help pay for for warm comfortable bedding for rescued donkeys.

FOOD- £10 can help pay for special feed to give rescued donkeys the nutrition they need.

RESCUE - £20 can help pay for the costs of keeping emergency rescue vehicles on the road.

WARMTH- £40 can help pay for heat lamps to keep donkeys warm in harsh winter weather.

Echo's new start

Your support means that when desperate donkeys need us, we are there. We received a call on New Year's Eve from a member of the public, concerned about a forlorn-looking donkey with extremely long hooves.

Echo was visited by Jane Bruce, one of our donkey welfare advisers, who could see right away that it was one of the worst cases she had come across.

Jane said: "Echo was in considerable discomfort when I found him. His hooves had curled round so grossly that they were almost touching his forelegs.

"He was shifting his weight from one foot to another in order to alleviate the pain in his hooves."

The local council approved the seizure of the donkey and he was taken to our nearest sanctuary where he was given all the care he and treatment he needed.

16 abandoned donkeys

The Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland carried out a rescue of 16 donkeys who were abandoned in a field to survive on puddle water and tree bark.

Donkey welfare adviser David Walsh attended the horrific scene where there also lay the carcass of a donkey for whom the winter conditions had just been too much.

The herd had been abandoned with no food or water and the ground was so waterlogged that the underweight donkeys were struggling to walk on their overgrown hooves.

Now in the care of The Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland, our loving and dedicated team are nursing them back to full health.

By donating today, you will be helping us be there for desperate donkeys across the UK, Ireland and around the world. Thank you for your support.