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Donkey fostering scheme promoted to help Sanctuary

The Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary is advertising its fostering scheme due to record numbers of donkeys being relinquished, partly as a result of the credit crunch.

Since October 2008, the charity has seen almost twice the number of unwanted/neglected donkeys come in compared to any quarter in the last two years. This significant increase has seen the charity's six farms in Devon and Dorset fill to near capacity.

The charity's rehoming scheme had not previously been promoted due to its overwhelming popularity, with a long waiting list of homes wanting donkeys.

Remember donkeys like Red Rose this Valentine's day

This Valentine's Day spare a thought for Red Rose. She's one of thousands of donkeys being lovingly cared for at the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary, a charity which relies entirely on donations to continue its work.

Red Rose is 17-years old and lives at one of the Sanctuary's outlying farms near Harcombe - home to over 340 rescued and unwanted donkeys. Despite this farm not being open to the public, they don't miss out on fuss and cuddles thanks to the 12 dedicated staff who work there.

Sean's marathon inspired by donkeys

A Birmingham man is running this year's Albert Bartlett Edinburgh Marathon in aid of The Donkey Sanctuary, based near Sidmouth in Devon.

Sean Conboy, from Great Barr, is a keen runner and was inspired to take on the challenge having seen the plight of so many donkeys, particularly when travelling around Asia and Central America.

Brushing donkey's teeth helps ease discomfort

A donkey suffering from a bout of gingivitis is currently receiving regular tooth brushing by staff at the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary.

13-year old Ella, taken in by the charity in 1998 for being lonely, has gingivitis, a form of gum disease. The condition causes the gums around the teeth to become very red and swollen and over a number of years the bone supporting the teeth can be lost.

Sanctuary comes to aid of Greek donkeys this Christmas

Help donkeys like Leonidas this Christmas who was rescued in Greece by the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary. He now has a sanctuary for life and the charity needs donations to help provide his and other donkeys' care.

The 25-year old donkey had been abandoned and was found wandering the streets close by the Sanctuary's small rescue centre in Trikala, in the Thessaly region of central Greece, this October.

Leonidas was suffering with long feet and a painfully tight chain halter, which had caused severe wounds under his chin and on his nose.

Dental kit from Sidmouth saves lives of donkeys in Egypt

A basic dental kit sent out to Egypt by the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary has already begun to save donkeys' lives; ironically the kit costs more than a donkey.

The current market value of donkeys is less than the dental kit, which costs £570. As a comparison, a young donkey can be bought for as little as £70 whilst the maximum an Egyptian White Ass will fetch is just £300. The basic dental kit includes three dental rasps and blades, a head torch and mouth gag.

Blackpool donkeys scooped up awards at ceremony

A special prize giving ceremony was held on Friday 24th October at Oakleigh House (due to inclement weather) for the owners of Blackpool's award winning beach donkeys.

Winning the region's award for Best Individual Beach Donkey was Carl, owned by Mark Ineson, whilst Terry and Christine Roabuck's team of donkeys scooped the Best Group of Beach Donkeys title. The owners were presented with shields, certificates, and rosettes for their donkeys, by staff from The Donkey Sanctuary's welfare department.

Venere and Holly find refuge in Italy

At 21 years of age, Venere is the oldest donkey currently being cared for at Il Rifugio Degli Asinelli, the Italian counterpart of the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary. She was rescued, along with a foal called Holly, from a donkey breeding centre in southern Italy, as both were in terrible condition and needed the Sanctuary's expert care.

Donkey-breeding centres are commonly found in Italy where there is a great demand for their meat. Venere was a donkey used solely to produce foals and it is not known how many years she was 'worked', according to staff at Il Rifugio.