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Cautious welcome to government u-turn on animal welfare clause

The Donkey Sanctuary has given a cautious welcome to a sudden change of heart by the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) following the vote by MPs to reject the inclusion of animal sentience into the EU Withdrawal Bill last week.

Mike Baker, chief executive of The Donkey Sanctuary, says: “The Donkey Sanctuary was disappointed and concerned that the clause was rejected. This defeat could have meant that current animal welfare standards would not have been enshrined in UK law post-Brexit.”

Donkeys are sentient animals

Donkeys and lions take centre stage in new children’s operas

The Donkey Sanctuary has joined forces with the Born Free Foundation, LionAid and Olsen Verlag publishers in supporting #lionopera, by the leading young British composer, James Olsen. #lionopera is an ambitious new cycle of children’s operas, providing an opportunity for primary schools to take part in the first performances of ‘One of Our Lions is Missing!’ by staging their own production, free of charge in the summer of 2018.

Lion Opera group. All rights reserved Kicki Frisch.

New study shows donkeys need more protection from the winter weather than horses

A new study from The Donkey Sanctuary shows that donkeys, and to a lesser extent mules, are less able than horses to adapt to colder, wetter climates and therefore require additional protection in the winter to meet their welfare needs.

Since 2015 The Donkey Sanctuary has been working in collaboration with Dr Britta Osthaus, Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and Dr Leanne Proops, Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, both specialists in animal behaviour and cognition.

Donkeys in their shelter

The Donkey Sanctuary and Ghana SPCA urge government to enforce ban on slaughter and export of donkey skins

The Donkey Sanctuary, which is leading the efforts to draw worldwide attention to the trade in donkey skins for the use in traditional Chinese remedies, is in Ghana with Ghana SPCA to urge law enforcement bodies to immediately enforce the ban on the slaughter and export of donkey skins that was passed at the beginning of the year.

Alex Mayers of The Donkey Sanctaury

The Donkey Sanctuary and The University of Milan launch new guidelines for dairy donkeys

The Donkey Sanctuary and The University of Milan has today (Thursday 26 October) present new Guidelines for Dairy Donkeys: good animal management practices for donkey milk production to the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Donkeys in the milk industry

Court hands ban to neglectful donkey owner

A man who failed to trim his donkeys’ overgrown hooves has been disqualified from keeping equines for five years, after handing over his animals to The Donkey Sanctuary.

Raymond Grigg (date of birth: 06/06/1948) of Longdogs Lane, Ottery St Mary, Devon, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to three donkeys and failing to meet the needs of five donkeys when he appeared at Exeter Magistrates’ Court on Monday (16 October 2017) following a prosecution by the RSPCA.

Overgrown hooves

National coverage for donkey skin trade campaign

The Donkey Sanctuary, which is leading the efforts to draw world-wide attention to the trade in donkey skins for the use in traditional Chinese remedies, has been featured on BBC News.

Alastair Leithead, BBC Africa Correspondent, reported from Kenya, and Mike Baker, The Donkey Sanctuary CEO, was interviewed from our Sidmouth sanctuary about the growing threat to donkeys worldwide.

The charity's Under the Skin report and campaign was also featured by BBC Radio Scotland. You can find both pieces below:

The Donkey Sanctuary releases global donkey skin trade survey

The Donkey Sanctuary, which is leading the efforts to draw world-wide attention to the trade in donkey skins for the use in traditional Chinese remedies has released a global survey to help map the devastating trade.

The international charity is calling on everyone who works with donkeys worldwide from veterinarians and livestock officers to project staff and community leaders to complete the short survey and help tackle this devastating trade.

The Donkey Sanctuary Family Food Fair

Definitely one for foodies and families alike, The Donkey Sanctuary’s new Family Food Fair being held on Saturday 14 October at Slade House Farm, Sidmouth will showcase the best food, drink and talent the region has to offer.

When: Saturday 14 October, from 10:00am until 4:00pm.

Where: The Donkey Sanctuary, Slade House Farm, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 0NU

The Kitchen's sous chef and some keen little helpers prepare for the Family Food Fair