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Lifetime ban for owner of ponies and donkeys rescued from “shocking” cruelty, abuse and neglect

A couple from Gomersal, West Yorkshire have been disqualified from keeping equines for life after five donkeys and three ponies were rescued following a joint investigation by The Donkey Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare, the RSPCA and West Yorkshire Police. The prosecution case concluded at Kirklees Magistrates' Court on Thursday 12 January 2017 when the couple collectively pleaded guilty to six charges under the Animal Welfare Act.

Gomersal donkeys rescued

Membership boost to international development projects

The Donkey Sanctuary has recently joined Bond, the UK membership body for organisations working in international development, to support the charity’s global welfare work.

Bond unites over 450 organisations of all sizes including WaterAid, Save the Children, Islamic Relied and Christian Aid as well as animal-focused organisations like The Brooke and World Horse Welfare, to enhance the reach of shared goals.

Donkey Kindness Club in Ethiopia

The Donkey Sanctuary launches research to help animals suffering from tumours

The Donkey Sanctuary and University of Glasgow have begun an exciting new collaborative project to improve sarcoid management, after application proposals opened in April 2016.

The project has the potential to reduce pain, suffering and even loss of life on the donkeys’ part, and diminish the stress suffered by both donkey, owner and all others involved in looking after these unpredictable cases. The project is entirely non-invasive and all clinical material gathered will be collected during the course of normal treatment.

The Donkey Sanctuary

Joining the Asia for Animals Coalition to boost international campaigns

The Donkey Sanctuary has become one of the newest coalition members for Asia for Animals.

Asia for Animals Coalition is a group of 18 well-known and respected animal welfare organisations with a shared focus on improving the welfare of animals in Asia. The coalition helps to provide international campaign support for the activities of Non-Governmental Organisations working on animal welfare issues.

International donkey

The Donkey Sanctuary’s Head of Trustees Stuart Reid is recognised by the British Veterinary Association

Professor Stuart Reid was awarded the British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) most prestigious scientific award for the distinctive contribution he has made as an exceptional veterinary academic and a gifted researcher at BVA Members’ Day in Bristol on the 22 September.

The Dalrymple-Champneys Cup and Medal is presented each year to a member of BVA to mark and recognise the work of outstanding merit which it is considered will encourage the advancement of veterinary science.

Professor Stuart Reid

Securing a future for bats in East Devon with a new Bat Beacon at The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth is host to a new Greater Horseshoe Bat Project Bat Beacon.

The population of Greater Horseshoe Bats has declined by over 90% in the UK during the last century, with Devon now a stronghold for the species in the South West. Led by Devon Wildlife Trust and supported by the National Lottery, as well as other funders, The Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project has chosen to partner with The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth to provide a local information hub, known as a ‘Bat Beacon’, where people can find out more about the project.


New foal Olympia commemorates the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The Donkey Sanctuary’s supporters have celebrated the Olympic and Paralympic Games by naming the charity’s newest foal Olympia.

On 12 August a colt foal was born at one of The Donkey Sanctuary’s farms after his mother came to the Sanctuary in foal.

An online naming contest began on Facebook and Twitter and the lucky name chosen for the Sanctuary’s newest addition was Olympia.