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Equine ban for man who failed to meet the needs of two donkeys

A man from Ripon, North Yorkshire has been disqualified from keeping equines for five years after failing to meet the needs of two donkeys whose hooves were very overgrown, in a prosecution case brought by the RSPCA.

Ian Stoyles of Gallows Hill appeared before Leeds Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (14 February) for a case management hearing but pleaded guilty instead.

Overgrown hooves

Ejiao 'not worth buying' say Chinese health officials

The Donkey Sanctuary has welcomed advice from China's official National Health and Family Planning Commission that ejiao is "not worth buying."

The organisation has caused uproar in the country by suggesting the popular health product - which is made from millions of slaughtered donkeys every year - is "just boiled donkey skin", despite its many health claims.

An Ejiao sample

Sanctuary takes in five donkeys when they needed it most

Ensuring the health and happiness of every donkey in the UK doesn’t just mean being there for donkeys when their welfare is compromised, but being there in support of owners - especially when tragedy strikes.

The Donkey Sanctuary recently took five donkeys into its care from their home in South Wales, in the hope that one day we will find them another loving forever home.

There to help

When family illness meant the donkeys’ owner could no longer give them all the care and attention they needed, he knew he could turn to The Donkey Sanctuary for help.

Five friends at their new home

Adorable donkeys get a roof over their heads

A loveable pair of donkeys called Coco and Will are two of the newest arrivals to The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth after the charity stepped in to help a struggling owner who couldn’t put a roof over their heads.

When our welfare team received an enquiry to assist with a donkey castration, an initial check was carried out to make sure the donkey was being kept in the right environment which was meeting all of his health and happiness needs.

Will and Coco

Four foal friends' brighter future

Four adorable but unwanted donkey foals have landed on their hooves in their new home at The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon.

Due to a sudden change in circumstances these fluffy friends’ future looked uncertain.

Fortunately, the owner contacted us and now they will be safe and secure for the rest of their lives.

Tests and checks

Happiness, Geoffrey, Nincompoop and Bill arrived last week (February 7) and will remain in an isolated part of the sanctuary as they undergo tests and treatments to prepare them for life on the farm.

Foal friends

Charity disappointed by 'backwards step' for donkeys

The Donkey Sanctuary has expressed disappointment at the news that China is reducing the import tax on donkey skins for use in traditional medicine.

Alex Mayers, head of programmes at The Donkey Sanctuary, says: “We are disappointed that the Chinese government has chosen to reduce the import tax on donkey skins. As the largest equine welfare charity in the world The Donkey Sanctuary continues to call for a halt to the trade in donkey skins.

Donkeys waiting to be slaughtered

Refuge for Faith, Hope and Charity this Christmas

Three female donkeys neglected and abandoned in North Belfast have been taken into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland.

The donkeys were originally brought to the attention of the charity by a concerned individual who was alarmed at the length and distortion of the donkeys’ hooves and the apparent lack of an owner as there was no sign of care and management being shown to the animals.

One of the donkeys' hooves were so grossly long that she could barely stand, lying on the cold earth in too much discomfort to move.

Donkey ‘therapy’ offers support to young cancer patients

A pair of young cancer survivors gained support with their emotional growth from an unlikely source – donkeys.

The Donkey Sanctuary Belfast knows that the calming presence of the donkeys can help vulnerable people develop their life skills, emotional growth and personal awareness.

The Donkey Sanctuary has joined forces with CLIC Sargent to see if the treatment – called Donkey-Assisted Therapy - could have a positive impact on young adult patients looking to process their experiences.