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Press releases

Fond farewell to Charlie C

Devoted staff at The Donkey Sanctuary have said their farewells to beloved donkey Charlie C who has passed away at the age of 26.

The ex-adoption donkey was originally from Devon but proved popular at our sanctuary in Birmingham, having spent more than two decades delighting visitors there.

He arrived in Birmingham in 1997 at just five years old and it was obvious that his charming personality, fluffy coat, and daily bray would make him a perfect choice for our adoption scheme.

Charlie C - the donkey loved by thousands

Branching out for donkeys in Tanzania

Community projects around the world are showing us that it is vital to involve local people when it comes to improving donkey welfare in the long-term.

In Tanzania, The Donkey Sanctuary is supporting a programme called Roots and Shoots to improve the welfare of thousands of donkeys.

Through sharing stories and knowledge, and encouraging grassroots activism, the value of donkeys for children in school to owners who use their animals to farm is becoming clear.

Roots and shoots project in Tanzania

Ensuring the safeguarding of animal welfare post-Brexit

The Donkey Sanctuary has welcomed the news that the European Parliament has today approved a Resolution that prevents deregulation in animal welfare post-Brexit.

The charity is part of the Brexit Task Force within the Eurogroup for Animals and has been working at a national level to ensure there are no reductions in animal welfare standards when Britain leaves the EU.

The vote is a significant step forward in securing animal welfare standards following Brexit and comes ahead of the negotiations on the long-term relationship where Parliament will have a final say.

The Donkey Sanctuary putting donkeys on the agenda

Donkey sent on Afghanistan suicide mission

The Donkey Sanctuary has spoken out after armed opposition terrorists loaded a donkey with bombs and sent it on a suicide mission against a security target in Afghanistan.

The charity has condemned the attack, which took place on Monday, 12 March, in its entirety. Two policemen in Kunar province were injured when explosives being carried by a donkey were detonated before it reached its intended target of a security post.

Representative imagery of a loaded donkey

Margarita saved from illegal camp of starving animals

The Donkey Sanctuary in Spain has come to the aid of authorities after they seized a number of mistreated equines.

Local police conducted a raid in Badajoz, Spain and found 26 famished animals in the hands of a group of Portuguese travellers, known as ciganos, who were engaged in the illegal trafficking of animals and collection and sale of scrap metal.

Police seized the animals, and called upon local animal welfare charities for help – our sanctuary in Spain, El Refugio del Burrito, were quick to respond.

Margarita the mule after her rescue

Concern for tiny Cyprus donkey

Staff at The Donkey Sanctuary in Cyprus have welcomed a new arrival – Pip Squeak, a young and very tiny donkey who was in need of our help.

A donkey owner who had his own herd of donkeys, inherited Pip Squeak when his previous owners moved away and left him. He had been separated from his mother at three months old - far too early - and although his new owner had done his best to look after Pip Squeak, it was clear that something was not right.

Amongst the herd of lively young donkeys, Pip Squeak was tiny, extremely thin and stood out like a sore thumb.

Pip the donkey

Sanctuary rescues 16 neglected donkeys in Ireland

Sixteen neglected donkeys who were abandoned in a field to survive on puddle water and tree bark have been rescued by The Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland.

Among the desperate donkeys was the carcass of a donkey for whom the winter conditions had just been too much.

Responding to a call from the local government, donkey welfare adviser David Walsh attended the horrific scene and knew right away that he needed to get the donkeys to emergency accommodation.

Donkeys rescued in County Mayo

Equine ban for man who failed to meet the needs of two donkeys

A man from Ripon, North Yorkshire has been disqualified from keeping equines for five years after failing to meet the needs of two donkeys whose hooves were very overgrown, in a prosecution case brought by the RSPCA.

Ian Stoyles of Gallows Hill appeared before Leeds Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (14 February) for a case management hearing but pleaded guilty instead.

Overgrown hooves

Ejiao 'not worth buying' say Chinese health officials

The Donkey Sanctuary has welcomed advice from China's official National Health and Family Planning Commission that ejiao is "not worth buying."

The organisation has caused uproar in the country by suggesting the popular health product - which is made from millions of slaughtered donkeys every year - is "just boiled donkey skin", despite its many health claims.

An Ejiao sample