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Teamwork at Appleby Horse Fair

Welfare advisers from The Donkey Sanctuary are joining officers from the RSPCA in their annual visit to Appleby Horse Fair (8-14 June).

The event represents the RSPCA's biggest deployment of staff and the biggest multi-agency event of the year, with six other horse organisations also involved.

The traveller fair starts in the Cumbrian town on General Election Day and finishes on Wednesday.

This year, 33 RSPCA officers will be attending during peak times including specialist equine officers from across England and Wales.

Appleby Horse Fair 2016

'Donkeys are my payment'

To mark the end of Volunteers' Week 2017 we caught up with one of our dedicated volunteers who discovered that donkeys were the missing piece of her life.

Volunteers play a vital role at The Donkey Sanctuary in a variety of roles and we have been paying tribute to them this week.

Ross as a child with a donkey

Timothy and Walter - sharing happy memories

When I first started in my role as manager of the Sidmouth Donkey Assisted Therapy Centre, there were two donkeys who had originally come from a big group in the New Forest and had only been living with the therapy team for a short while, having been specially selected from one of the Donkey Sanctuary farms due to their particularly friendly and sociable natures.

This meant that their potential had been spotted very early on as they had some of the ideal attributes that we look for when choosing donkeys to put forward for a role involving a great deal of human contact.

Walter and Timothy


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