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Breakthrough in a long held dream

A few years ago Alex Mayers and I hosted a harness workshop in Tanzania for several of our African friends. Quite a few charities came for the training, from Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia. These groups represented several NGOs that The Donkey Sanctuary has helped with funding and training over the years.

Running the workshop for the first time were Sanctuary Kenya harness guys, Amos and Nicholas. It was a real multi-purpose event as they were being assessed as trainers whilst we all worked to get the information across to the participants.

A well -balanced little ‘scotch cart’

In the wake of Hurricane Irma

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, The Donkey Sanctuary dispatched a team to Barbuda, one of the 2 major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, to ensure the welfare of the island’s feral donkeys, which risk hindering the rebuilding efforts by straying onto the local airport runway.

Simon Pope, Rapid Response and Campaigns Manager at The Donkey Sanctuary and part of that four-man team, describes the devastation first-hand and outlines their efforts to help Barbuda’s donkeys.

Feral donkeys in Barbuda

Charity releases new film to raise awareness of donkey skin trade

The Donkey Sanctuary has released a new short film highlighting the impact of the donkey skin trade - the largest single welfare issue the charity has seen. The film will be used to raise awareness of the skin trade which - in both legal and illegal forms - is being used to feed the burgeoning consumer desire for a type of traditional Chinese medicine called Ejiao.

Barbuda emergency visit

The Donkey Sanctuary sent an emergency team to Barbuda in the Caribbean on 1 October to help feral donkeys left on the island, following the human evacuations after Hurricane Irma. The donkeys currently risk hindering the rebuilding efforts by straying onto the local airport runway and the charity has been asked to assist. It will also assess the impact of the Hurricane on the welfare of the donkeys.

Donkeys on the runway in Barbuda

Donkeys and fireworks - top tips

The Donkey Sanctuary is reminding donkey owners to keep their pets safe during the weeks surrounding bonfire night.

Donkeys can become frightened at this time of year and occasionally bolt from firework noise and can become injured.

We advise you to closely monitor your donkey - taking a look at our Top 10 Tips - and never let fireworks off near any animals. Please be respectful and responsible towards neighbouring pets and animals.


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