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Donkeys go animated

The Donkey Sanctuary will be showing its unique donkey cartoon as part of Animated Exeter on Wednesday 20th February 2008 at 2pm.

The Poor Donkey cartoon was designed by the charity to help children in India understand the importance of caring for their donkeys.

Amanda Gordon spokeswoman for The Donkey Sanctuary says: "We are really excited that our cartoon is going to be shown during this special week - we hope that any children who get to see it really enjoy and learn from it.

Founder's grandchild makes a visit

Cameron Jay Vincent, the first great grandchild of Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, visited the Sanctuary on Monday 21st January 2007 and met former Blackpool beach donkey Nutty (aged 41).

Cameron's mum, Dawn Vincent, is Dr Svendsen's granddaughter and heads the public relations office. She is thrilled at being a mum and is also looking forward to coming back to work in March.

Donkey Breed Society scholarships

180 delegates from 25 nationalities attended the 5th International Colloquium on Working Equines, which The Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth in Devon hosted, in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia between 30th October to 2nd November 2006.

The Colloquium aimed to address the future of working equines throughout the world and was established by Britain's leading equestrian charities including the Brooke Hospital for Animals, The Donkey Sanctuary, ILPH and SPANA.


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