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Celebrating 21 years of work in Lamu

On Friday 4th July 2008, the UK-based Donkey Sanctuary will be holding a special 21st anniversary celebration at its centre on Lamu Island, Kenya, where donkeys are more popular than cars.

The Independence Day for the Lamu Donkeys event is being held by the charity's workers who help care and protect the 2,000 donkeys living on the island; the town's streets are too narrow for cars and therefore, only two vehicles are believed to exist.

Whitby beach donkeys' annual health check

Beach donkeys working on Whitby's sands will be receiving their annual 'MOT' (health check) on Friday 4th July 2008. Around 20 donkeys will be checked by welfare officer Molly Lloyd from the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary and officials, including an equine vet, from Scarborough Borough Council, to ensure the donkeys are fit, healthy and licensed to work for the coming holiday season.

The checks take place at the donkeys' home in Sleights, North Yorkshire, commencing from 11.00 am. The checks include looking at:

Helping water voles

Mervyn Newman, the project officer for the Devon water vole recovery project at East Devon Council organised a Himalayan Balsam Pulling Party and today a team of volunteers from our own staff went along to East Axnoller Farm, one of the Sanctuary’s farms, to give a helping hand.

Fred looks fab!

Fred was overweight when he arrived into the care of the Sanctuary in 2006.

He spent almost 30 wonderful years with his owners, Dorothy and Tony, who loved him very much. They even played games with him like hide and seek; Tony would hide behind the hedge and Fred would always come to find him!


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