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Donkey taxis in Santorini, Greece

The Donkey Sanctuary has been involved with this project for many years and Dr Svendsen, the Sanctuary's Founder, was instrumental in setting the cable car, which now takes many of the tourists up from the cruise ships to the town of Fira.

The donkeys and mules are generally in a good condition and we have been providing free veterinary care to them for several years.

We are currently working with the local authorities to implement a code of practice, which should help improve the working condition of these animals.

Chalford donkey project

Earlier in the year, Lionel Ford, one of our regional welfare officers was involved in advising the villagers at Chalford, following their appeal in February this year for a donkey to help carry their shopping up a steep hill to get their groceries home.

The villagers are delighted that they have now found their donkey. His name is Teddy and he's a three year old chocolate-brown donkey. With the advice from our welfare team, Teddy will be well cared for and will carry weights within his capabilities.

Go figure...

Since 1969, The Donkey Sanctuary has provided permanent refuge to 12,974 donkeys in the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe.

The Donkey Sanctuary is currently responsible for the permanent care of approximately 4,688 donkeys in the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe.

Donkey 'turnout'

Last week saw the start of the donkeys being 'turned out' for the first time on the grass from their Winter quarters. Today it was the turn of the donkeys at East Axnoller Farm.

The 157 acre farm is some 35 miles from the main Sanctuary and nestles in the Dorset hills at the starting point of the River Axe. Last year otters and water voles had been seen on the river after many, many years of being absent.

Blackpool first to put new beach donkeys rules into practice

On Friday 4th April at 11.00 am at Blackpool's north pier, officials from a Devon donkey sanctuary will be presenting a new beach donkey Code of Practice to the Mayor of Blackpool.

The Code of Practice has been written by The Donkey Sanctuary and is endorsed by the British Equine Veterinary Association. As Blackpool is home to the largest number of beach donkeys in the UK, the resort has been approached by the charity to accept the first copy.

Code of Practice for working donkeys


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