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Visitors from across the Channel

It's the first visit to the Sanctuary by Véronique Crombé and her friend Marie-Christine Duflos n a week's holiday in Devon.

Their first stop was to meet the donkeys on the Main Yard where they spent some time cuddling Ben and Wimble, with an extra cuddle for Jubilee, a 32 year old donkey who has recently lost his best friend.

Both Véronique and Marie-Christine live in Paris, France so were keen to see our Poitou group which they found on Walk C. These gentle giants towered above them as they stood and groomed their coats.

Essence of hardship

Travelling up to Chalford in Gloucestershire yesterday morning with Amanda Gordon, we got chatting about her trip last week to see the work of the Sanctuary in Mexico.

I won't go into detail about her experiences here, but want to mention the impact the photos Amanda showed me of her visit, especially that of the Coacalco rubbish dump. I wept with tears.

A 5 day old foal picked up and put on top of a cart full of rubbish. It's mother put alongside a harnessed donkey was clearly distressed at not being able to see her foal.

Essence of hardship in Mexico

A visit to the Sanctuary

Pat and Sylvia Carroll are regular visitors to the Sanctuary and have been supporters for many years. In May 2008 they came along to their ninth Donkey Week and said: "We can't wait for next year when we each get our own Donkey Week donkey!"

Celebrating 21 years of work in Lamu

On Friday 4th July 2008, the UK-based Donkey Sanctuary will be holding a special 21st anniversary celebration at its centre on Lamu Island, Kenya, where donkeys are more popular than cars.

The Independence Day for the Lamu Donkeys event is being held by the charity's workers who help care and protect the 2,000 donkeys living on the island; the town's streets are too narrow for cars and therefore, only two vehicles are believed to exist.


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