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A curious pair of ears!

It's the end of a busy week and as I turn off my computer, I can hear donkeys braying out in the fields behind my office. With my dog, Olma, by my side, we set off for a walk around the Sanctuary before heading home.

Walking along the Donkey Weekers' Walk, there is such an abundance of colour in the >Devon hedge banks. At the beginning of the week I noticed that the foxgloves were starting to open their buds. Today, many of them were open with bumble bees laden with pollen visiting them.

Blackpool beach donkeys' annual health check

Blackpool’s famous beach donkeys will be receiving their annual 'MOT' (health check) on Friday 23rd May 2008.

Around 75 donkeys will be checked by welfare and two veterinary experts from the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary and officials from Blackpool Borough Council, to ensure the donkeys are fit, healthy and licensed to work for the coming holiday season.

The checks commence from 9am at Rigby Road near Blackpool Borough Council’s car park. They include looking at:

Beach donkeys at Blackpool

Why are there sheep at the Donkey Sanctuary?

Visitors to the Sanctuary might see sheep in some of our fields. These belong to local farmers and spend time on our land by reciprocal arrangment. The farmers' sheep eat our nice grass and the sheep keep the grass eaten down on land that is either unsuitable for the donkeys or too steep for the tractors to be able to swipe off the bracken and rough grass.

Rosie in foal

Rosie, a 12 year old mare arrived at the Sanctuary in April 2008 with Little Billy, a 14 year old male donkey. As with all new arrivals to the Sanctuary, both Rosie and Little Bill will be in our Isolation Unit for their settling in period so that vaccinations, farriery and worming can be updated before they are moved to one of our farms.


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