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Filey's award winning donkeys in prize giving ceremony

A special prize giving ceremony is being held on Thursday 4th September at 11.30am on the beach for Filey’s award winning beach donkeys.

The donkeys, Lenny, Alfie, Chico, Rueben, Neville and Max, owned by Amanda Pickles, will receive a trophy, rosettes and a bucket of carrots for winning the title of Britain’s Best Group of Beach Donkeys 2008.

The award is part of a national competition organised by The Donkey Sanctuary, a charity based near Sidmouth in Devon, which aims to recognise high standards of animal welfare practice.

Helping to save a family's future

Our teams working in Ethiopia often come across donkeys that have been attacked and bitten by hyenas. Left untreated, the wounds can quickly become infected and cause various health problems for the donkey. Very often, the attacks take place at night time when the donkeys are tied up at the home; without fencing there is nothing to protect the donkeys from these wild animals.

Measuring up to a life-size challenge!

Paccombe Training Centre has a life-size grey stuffed donkey who's affectionately called Henry. He regularly helps out during the training courses, especially when beginners need to practice putting on head collars before they join the real donkeys!

However, poor Henry at the age of 20 is beginning to look tired and we feel he is ready for retirement. Therefore, we are looking to find someone who is able to make us a new donkey.


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