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Dymchurch's award winning donkey in prize giving ceremony

A special prize giving ceremony is being held on Saturday 27th September at 2.00 pm on the beach for Dymchurch’s award winning beach donkey!

Sam, owned by Tom Turnball, will receive a trophy, rosette and carrots for winning the South East regional title of Best Individual Beach Donkey of 2008.

The award is part of a national competition organised by The Donkey Sanctuary, a charity based near Sidmouth in Devon, which aims to recognise high standards of animal welfare practice.

The prize will be presented by The Donkey Sanctuary’s regional welfare officer Mark Kerr.

Afternoon performance

After what seems like months of perpetual rain, the sun has come out at last. Just the sort of weather to be sitting in a park listening to a brass band!

And that's exactly how me and my partner, Dave, spent the afternoon. The Ross-on-Wye Town Band were giving an afternoon performance to help raise funds for the Sanctuary.

Morning chorus

It's 7.00 am and there's a chorus of brays as I arrive at the Isolation Unit to help 'muck out'. The braying has nothing to do with me turning up, but were the voices of donkeys waiting eagerly for their morning feed!

I gathered a wheelbarrow and tools and headed off to the first stable where I found George and Geoffrey, two inquisitive donkeys who inspected every corner to make sure it was up to their usual standard. After sweeping their yard, I gave them a cuddle before moving on to the next stable.

Arjun's donkey

A donkey suffering with a foot abcess here in the UK is relatively easy to treat under veterinary supervision. But in Delhi, India, where there are few veterinary services and many owners who can't afford to pay veterinary costs, a foot abcess can be more life-threatening to a donkey.


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