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Making a working donkey's life less of a strain

Chris Garrett, our harness development officer, went to Egypt in July of this year to visit some of the 25 brick kilns where our mobile clinic team are allowed to work in the El Saf area of Egypt. The brick kilns are in two main areas in the country. The number of brick kilns is very difficult to assess accurately, but is thought to be in the region of 300. On a recent visit there were at least three more chimneys under construction in El Saf, so the industry is still expanding.

On a cold day!

Some of the residents in the Sanctuary's Main Barn are over 40 years of age and need lots of extra attention.

Pictured here is Gemma, aged 26, a lovely chocolate brown donkey who came to the Sanctuary in 1987.

On cold days you can often see Gemma and the other donkeys standing in the barn where visitors to the Sanctuary can go inside and see them.

Keeping warm on cold days

Sigitu hoofs around

I met a great little donkey called Sigitu today and I couldn’t stop giving him cuddles! He’s a 17-year old skewbald gelding who lives near our main Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

I was in his barn trying to take photographs of the donkeys in their cosy home for the winter but he had other plans for me! Whilst the other donkeys were only interested in me for a few seconds, Sigitu, on the other hand, took great pleasure in following me (even if I ventured to the other side of the barn) nudging me and inquisitively checking my hair, scarf, coat, trousers, boots - he was just fascinated.

Impressions of my first visit to Mexico: Day 3

Wednesday 15th October

Nesahualcoyatl, or 'Nesa', is an eastern satellite of Mexico City named after an Aztec king, Nesa Hualcoyatl, meaning Nesa of the place of the coyotes. Mexico City was the Aztec capital of Mexico until the Spanish conquest. Nesa is where many of the people drifting to Mexico City for work settle. Nowadays the only coyote in Nesa is the dramatic giant red metal modern art statue that stands, towering over a more modest and traditional statue of the king, on a roundabout at the start of the suburb.


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