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Spoil Mum this Mother’s Day at The Donkey Sanctuary

Treat Mum to a unique day out and enjoy lots of family fun at The Donkey Sanctuary this Mother’s Day.

Let Mum unwind at The Donkey Sanctuary this Mother’s Day with mile upon mile of tranquil coast and country walks, breath-taking views and plenty of donkey cuddles. Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty along the stunning Jurassic Coast, the Sanctuary enjoys some of the best views in the South West and is home to over 500 donkeys, mules and hinnies who can’t wait to meet you!

Celebrate Mother's Day with a cream tea at The Donkey Sanctuary

Natural sense of curiosity

Donkeys are primarily foragers, evolved from a long line of descendants who spent a long time searching and nibbling a variety of different foods. Here in Birmingham, our team has been coming up with different ways to mimic a donkey’s natural behaviour… and they have come up with the donkey forage box! A clever way of recycling an old toy box, the donkey forage box has a wide opening in the top covered by mesh so that herbs, plants and grasses can be grown through for the donkeys to nibble.

Donkeys eating from forage box

Managing our land sustainably

We have been busy in the woods this winter. We are lucky to have some fantastic woodlands on our farms – they range in size from just a few acres up to 90 acres, and some are County Wildlife Sites. They are good examples of semi-ancient woods which at one time may have had some traditional use (for example, wood fuel) but have since been left to their own devices.

Woodland volunteers at Brookfield Farm

Keeping the wheels turning

As Welfare Advisers we spend much of our time on the road helping people improve the welfare of their donkeys, whether it be giving nutritional advice, providing behavioural support or helping owners make difficult decisions about their donkeys future, our role is based around doing our best for donkeys in a wide variety of circumstances. Sometimes we are called to help in emergency situations and need to be able to respond swiftly.

DAN - Keep The Wheels Turning

University of East Anglia Bake It For Donkeys

The University of East Anglia recently held a bake sale for The Donkey Sanctuary, raising an incredible £520.97!

The lovely staff from the University took part in making some delicious donkey themed biscuits and cakes for their bake sale. Here is what University Administrative Assistant, Christina said about the event…

“We are only a small office with about 30 staff but a few times a year we hold a charity bake sale. This time it was my team's turn to organise the event: Emma, Holly, Josh, Jane, Helen and I.

University of East Anglia Bake It For Donkeys

“Women and donkeys are the same” - Sharing the burden of gender inequality in Ethiopia

“Women and donkeys like to be beaten”, “Women and donkeys are doing as they have been told by men”, “Women and donkeys are the same” – these are some of the proverbs elicited at a workshop on gender myths conducted during research by The Donkey Sanctuary on the socio-economic value of donkeys in central Ethiopia. Each saying demonstrates the inexorable link between donkeys and the women who rely on them and how discussion of gender equality should also include donkeys.

Tumme Konton leads her donkey


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