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Woman who abandoned 20 animals at livery yard is sentenced in court

A woman who abandoned 20 animals - including two donkeys - at a livery yard has been handed a five-year ban on keeping animals.

Nicole Williams, of Grace Road, Leicester, appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Monday 5 June where she pleaded guilty to four offences of failing to meet the needs of her animals.

Williams moved her animals to a 'do-it-yourself' livery yard on 24 October last year - but within a week, it became clear that she was not attending to clean and feed them.

RSPCA photographs from the scene

The exhausted mule of El Rocio

Every year in June, the Spanish town of El Rocio plays host to a pilgrimage attracting nearly a million people and 20,000 equines.

For the third year running, a team from The Donkey Sanctuary has been on hand to ensure that care of the animals is being upheld.

While many of the injuries witnessed are often due to ill-fitting harnesses, the hard-working animals in the heat of the sun can also succumb to dehydration and exhaustion leading to potentially fatal situations.

Exhausted mule in El Rocio

Father and son appear in court over donkey neglect

A father and son who run a Liverpool-based donkey business have been sentenced in court after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to five of their donkeys.

Eric Wheeler (DOB 26/2/1933), of Dalemeadow Road, Liverpool appeared before Liverpool Magistrates' Court on Monday, 5 June and pleaded guilty to five offences of causing unnecessary suffering.

Some of the donkeys owned by the Wheelers

El Rocio 2017

This month The Donkey Sanctuary has attended Spain’s biggest pilgrimage festival, El Rocío, for a third consecutive year to ensure the welfare of the mules and donkeys involved in the event were protected.

The El Rocío pilgrimage is the most famous in the region, attracting nearly a million people and 20,000 equines from across the country. The Sanctuary’s attendance is crucial due to the huge amount of animals attending for private use or for rental.

El Rocio

Teamwork at Appleby Horse Fair

Welfare advisers from The Donkey Sanctuary are joining officers from the RSPCA in their annual visit to Appleby Horse Fair (8-14 June).

The event represents the RSPCA's biggest deployment of staff and the biggest multi-agency event of the year, with six other horse organisations also involved.

The traveller fair starts in the Cumbrian town on General Election Day and finishes on Wednesday.

This year, 33 RSPCA officers will be attending during peak times including specialist equine officers from across England and Wales.

Appleby Horse Fair 2016


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