At our new veterinary hospital at Brookfield Farm in Devon, Junior Vet Days are inspiring vets of the future - like Hannah Moore.

Hannah Moore, a 20-year-old student of veterinary nursing, is now preparing for her final exams to graduate from Nottingham Trent University this summer. Hannah's passion for helping animals was inspired by her time at our Junior Vet Day as a teenager, which she says played a huge part in choosing her career path.

"The Junior vet day was one of my first insights into the veterinary world, and I am very grateful for the experience and how it assisted in playing a part in my career decision.

"I remember going to the equine hospital and noticed how much bigger everything is compared to a small animal practice. On our tour I saw the padded knock down room for the first time, thinking how comfy it looked with all the padded walls.

"Then we were taken a few at a time to look through a window in the operating theatre where they were performing a castration. I can remember thinking how much I wanted to be in there, gowned and gloved, in the middle of the action."

Hannah's journey with The Donkey Sanctuary started when she was just nine years old, when she chose Timothy to be her adoption donkey.

11 years later, some things have stayed the same for Hannah - she still adopts Timothy - while others mark the start of a new chapter. Hannah is poised to embark on life-changing work with her veterinary career. One of her ambitions is to travel overseas to employ her veterinary training in animal conservation.

We wish Hannah, and all those inspired by our Junior Vet Day, the very best.