When donkeys come into our care, we promise them sanctuary for life – no matter what their backstory. But through our Rehoming Scheme we endeavour to find them forever homes with loving families who have offered to rehome a donkey.

While many of the donkeys we take in can be found in herds grazing the rolling hills around our sanctuaries, given the opportunity and the right circumstances we try to find them their own guardian home, too.

Dougal finds forever family

Dougal is one of thousands of donkeys who have found their forever home through our Rehoming Scheme.

It is always fantastic to hear about our rehomed donkeys’ new adventures – and in this case, Dougal and his new friend Hamish can expect a life filled with joy and happiness.

Not only has Dougal benefited from his new home, where he gets plenty of one-on-one time, but his new buddy Hamish is thrilled to have found a new companion for life.

Dougal’s new home is situated in the idyllic Cumbrian countryside, where he and Hamish are treated to plenty of outings from Donkey Guardian Allison.

Hamish and Dougal enjoy roaming hundreds of acres of moorland with babbling brooks, under Allison’s watchful eye; no two excursions are ever the same.

‘Treading water’ no more – adventures in enrichment

Dougal and Hamish have had a fun-filled year of enrichment, exercise and activities.

While it’s been an incredible 12 months for the pair, they’ve faced some steep learning curves on the way – particularly when it came to dealing with Cumbria’s wet terrain.

“Cumbria is not short of water,” says Allison. “On their normal 60 acres, Hamish and Dougal encounter becks, cleughs, streams, rills, bogs and waterfalls.”

The pair were both reluctant to get their feet wet initially – something that Allison has worked hard to acclimatise them to.

“When he first arrived, Dougal was afraid to step onto the bridges on our farm road!” Allison adds.

With Allison’s patience, hard work and imaginative enrichment activities, the pair have overcome any reservations they once had over water. In the summer months, they now relish a cooling bath.

Walks in all weathers

Even with rain, snow and a summer drought, these two donks have completed their fair share of activities – so much so that they and Allison received an Active Donkey Award from the Donkey Breed Society.

The pair benefit from daily walks, whether it’s a walk along the two-mile farm track their owners live across, or freely roaming within the nearby fells.

Thanks to your support, donkeys like Dougal can find their dream home – and Guardians like Allison get to pour their heart into giving a donkey a new start.

You can help donkeys like Dougal find their forever home.