Georgie featured in our appeal for a new hospital and our wonderful supporters responded with characteristic generosity.

Do you remember Georgie who was the lovely little donkey that was rushed into hospital with an incredibly painful bladder condition?

He underwent emergency surgery and although this was successful, Georgie wasn’t out of the woods. ‘We had some concerns along the way as Georgie healed’ says senior veterinary surgeon Alex Thiemann. ‘He got a second urinary tract infection and had some minor problems requiring a further spell in hospital while we sorted these out'.

However, just look at Georgie today! He’s the picture of health and happiness. In fact, Georgie and his best friend Gabriel have a reputation for naughtiness among the group of young, healthy male donkeys they now live with. ‘Georgie and Gabriel just love to play with each other and the naughtier the game, the better!’ reports groom Pam Taylor ‘A favourite game is to pull each other’s collar off. They also love to play tug of war with an old wellington boot'!

Pictured above is Noellie (left), the first donkey to be operated on in our new hospital, alongside Georgie (middle) and his best friend Gabriel.

Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given donkeys like Georgie, providing the new start they so richly deserve.