Three female donkeys neglected and abandoned in North Belfast have been taken into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland.

The donkeys were originally brought to the attention of the charity by a concerned individual who was alarmed at the length and distortion of the donkeys’ hooves and the apparent lack of an owner as there was no sign of care and management being shown to the animals.

One of the donkeys' hooves were so grossly long that she could barely stand, lying on the cold earth in too much discomfort to move.

The donkeys were abandoned on an exposed barren area of land with no access to shelter and more alarmingly they had free access to wander onto an arterial road.

No owner was identified and following collaboration with the local Council Welfare Office the donkeys were removed due to neglect for immediate veterinary referral.

Faith, Hope and Charity rescue
Faith, Hope and Charity
Faith, Hope and Charity - long hooves

The three donkeys, affectionately named Faith, Hope and Charity, are now being managed at a welfare yard belonging to The Donkey Sanctuary in Ireland.

Faith in particular has given the sanctuary considerable concern as she was having difficulty walking and clearly in pain. A radiograph and remedial farriery work has been actioned to try and correct the damage caused to her hooves.

Hope and her daughter Charity have also had their hooves trimmed as well, and all the donkeys have been started on a nutrition and management regime.

The sanctuary is currently providing for the donkeys' care and once they are up to optimum health they will be looking for suitable caring permanent homes for them.

It is thanks to your support that we can be there for Faith, Hope and Charity this Christmas.