Three rescued mules have arrived at The Donkey Sanctuary with their pony friend.

The mules, who were found with long and twisted hooves, have arrived at The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon for the next step of their recovery.

Maisie, Indie and Oscar were rescued, along with their pony friend, by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and taken to our holding base in Aberdeen.

It was feared that their painful feet would cause lasting damage to their joints and tendons, leaving euthanasia as the only compassionate option.

After an initial set of expert farriery attention, the mules were deemed well enough to travel to Devon to receive professional treatment, getting them back on their feet again.

All the animals are now in our New Arrivals unit - a restricted area from the public and resident herds - where they are being allowed to enjoy the grassy paddocks and, as they grow in confidence, further tests and treatments will take place to improve their health and behaviour.


Indie the mule with long hooves
Long hooves from Scottish mules
Farrier works on mule hooves
Scottish mule resting
Scottish mule in isolation
Scottish mules with their pony friend

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