A stricken donkey has been lifted to safety from a disused well in The Gambia thanks to the quick-thinking of The Donkey Sanctuary’s partner on the ground.

The donkey – now called Lucky - had been missing for 20 days before a young boy who was passing by alerted the All About Animals (AAA) team to his desperate situation – though it is unclear how long he had been down the well.

Lucky after rescue
Lucky had been missing for 20 days before he was discovered in the well.
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The young boy found Llama Barry, the charity’s operations manager, at the nearby donkey compound to say he had seen the donkey still alive in the bottom of the well in Kotu, near to a local power station and, luckily, the local fire station.

Llama raced to the scene by bicycle and was given the go ahead to pay the fire brigade and whatever else was needed to save Lucky’s life.

Jacci Jaques, All About Animals director, says: “At first the fire brigade could not get their truck started, so Llama went home to get rope and to round up some support from local people. Once the truck was repaired they were able to set off on the short journey to get the donkey, armed with a long ladder.”

The dramatic rescue was captured on camera, with a team of people pulling the donkey to the surface where the AAA were ready and waiting to give him all the care he needed.

Jacci adds: “It’s usual for owners to let their donkeys wander and graze, especially this time of year because the rainy season has just finished. We found his owner who was in tears because he thought someone had stolen his donkey which is his only source of income.

“It goes without saying that he has been rescued and will get whatever care he needs because of The Donkey Sanctuary’s funding.”

Llama from AAA
Llama Barry, Operations Manager at All About Animals in The Gambia.
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Donkeys have evolved to conceal when they are stressed or in pain, so the team will need to keep a close eye on him having been through such a stressful ordeal.

Lucky was thoroughly examined and he was fortunate to only have some superficial cuts and bruises, an injury to the eye and was very stiff from being confined in the well. Once out of the well, he was given water to drink and allowed to rest. His wounds were cleaned and treated and he was given pain relief, which was repeated over a number of days to ensure that he recovers fully from his ordeal.

Thanks to your support, and the quick actions of All About Animals, Lucky has been given the best chance of a full recovery, with immediate care, a soothing bath, and access to grazing, with the hope of being reunited with his grateful owner.

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