We helped rescue David and Theo from a muddy field on New Year's Eve 2019. We catch up with the team who are helping to prepare them for their forever home.

You may remember David and Theo, who, with mare Connie, were confined to a frosty field with no shelter against the bitterly cold winds.

Since being rescued, David and Theo have moved to our Leeds sanctuary, and Connie is enjoying spending time at a holding base with her companion, Jelly.

All three donkeys are thriving with us, and their futures are looking much rosier as we continue to work on their rehabilitation.

For David and Theo, one key area of rehabilitation is a training regime with our equine behaviourists, who help build up their confidence and feel more comfortable around humans.

Equine Coach Sami Hanlon says: "When they first arrived, the environment was very new to them. Like most donkeys, it took them time to settle in. Once they started training, they came out of their shell and have become very inquisitive."

Developing a bond of trust between David, Theo, and our team is a crucial step in preparing them to join our rehoming scheme. It is important that they feel confident and comfortable in their new homes under the care of one of our wonderful Donkey Guardians.

Sami adds: "It is nice to see the bond between people and donkeys grow. David and Theo are incredibly well bonded – where one goes, the other follows. They are now starting to create that bond with us, which is so lovely to witness."

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