Despite a health scare at the eleventh hour, a pair of donkeys have found a new family through our Rehoming Scheme.

Ten-year-old donkeys Jessie and Jake had a very loving home environment with their owner in South Wales. They were bought from a market as young animals when the owner herself was just eleven years old.

When the time came for the owner to leave home to go to university, her family could not continue to look after them. To ensure that their future needs could be fully met, she made the tough decision that Jessie and Jake would benefit in the care of The Donkey Sanctuary.

Once Donkey Welfare Adviser Katana Ashby had met the donkeys, she immediately thought of a local couple who would be a good match and had been patiently waiting.

Katana liaised with our Rescue and Rehoming Officers, who confirmed that the couple would be matched with donkeys imminently. Arrangements were made for Jessie and Jake to be rehomed directly.

Jake (brown donkey) and Jessie at their Guardian home
Jake enjoying life at his new Guardian home
Jessie with Jake, eating at their Guardian home
Jake (top right) has now recovered and has settled in to the new Guardian home with Jessie.

All was going to plan until their move took an unexpected turn. Just two days before they were due to move, Jake developed a foot abscess on his back right hoof.

After being seen by a vet, Jake was fitted with a footpad and given medication to alleviate the pain. Fortunately, this worked, and the abscess started to clear, which meant the donkeys were able to be moved directly to their new home.

If Jake hadn't improved or the cause of his pain was unknown, we may have had to make the decision to move him to our sanctuary in Devon for further investigative work instead of directly rehoming him.

This would have delayed his rehoming journey and caused extra stress for him and his companion.

Jessie and Jake are now settling in well with their new Guardians Jo and Rob, at their home in Pembrokeshire, just a short journey from their previous home.

Jo and Rob are two of hundreds of Donkey Guardians providing a safe, loving home for our donkeys, helping to ensure space in our sanctuaries is there for donkeys and mules who need it most.