With the UK’s frontline medical staff under enormous pressure during the coronavirus outbreak, The Donkey Sanctuary has been able to offer support by donating vital personal protective equipment to NHS staff and community health care workers in the South West.

With our non-donkey-facing staff currently working from home, The Donkey Sanctuary had spare PPE that we have been able to donate to NHS workers and local organisations and groups providing community health care.

Vital equipment

Some of the items we have been able to donate include: face masks, surgical caps, full body suits, full length surgical gowns, particulate respirators, full facemasks and spare filters, Sterilium (surgical hand disinfection) and hand gel. 

Dr Faith Burden, The Donkey Sanctuary’s Director of Research and Operational Support, says: “We have all seen the incredible and selfless work that the NHS has been doing to keep us all safe and we wanted to play our part in supporting them.”

Working closely with others

Our dedicated team of vets have also worked closely with The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to lend vital equipment to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Continuing to care

The Donkey Sanctuary has enough PPE supplies left for all its operational needs, ensuring we are still able to provide the highest level of care for our resident donkeys and mules across the UK.