It is with great sadness that we announce the news that retired adoption donkey, Wayne, has passed away at the age of 22.

Wayne made many friends during his time at The Donkey Sanctuary Ivybridge, having been a very popular adoption donkey before his retirement from the scheme in 2013. This handsome skewbald donkey touched many lives over the years, having helped countless children during donkey-assisted therapy sessions, and happily greeted those who had come to visit him.

Unfortunately, Wayne's general health had been deteriorating for some time and his overall quality of life was steadily declining. After a recent visit from the vet, our team made the extremely difficult decision to gently put Wayne to sleep surrounded by his donkey friends and the grooms that cared for him. Staff and volunteers at Ivybridge are naturally devastated at the loss of their dear friend.

Wayne braying
Wayne on an outreach visit
Wayne grazing
Wayne had been living in Ivybridge since the centre's opening in 2007.

A tribute

Staff and volunteers at The Donkey Sanctuary Ivybridge have led tributes:

"Wayne may have been small in stature but he had a large character that provided many of us with many memories that we’ll treasure. He came into the sanctuary's care in 2005 before joining us at Ivybridge in 2007 with his best friend Garth.

"Wayne was one of the first donkeys to settle with us here in Ivybridge. He has become a very well travelled donkey, enjoying outreach sessions all across the South West. From his frequent visits, a popular game emerged - “Where’s Wayne?” Our visitors were encouraged to guess where Wayne had visited that day from clues, including landmarks, found in the background of the photos we had taken.

"Wayne has been a hugely influential and much-loved donkey for all the children and visitors that have attended the centre over the years and has been really popular due to his time as an adoption donkey.

"It never gets any easier, saying goodbye to one of our four-legged friends, but with our donkey’s best interests at heart, we must make difficult decisions. Wayne had several health problems. His quality of life was uppermost in our hearts and minds and we needed to make a decision sooner rather than later.

"Our deepest sympathies extend to all of the supporters, staff and volunteers that have had the pleasure of spending time with Wayne."

Wayne at Donkey Lane
Wayne will be sorely missed by visitors, staff and volunteers in Ivybridge.
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A bray of thanks

Thanks to our supporters, Wayne was able to enjoy 13 happy and fulfilling years in our care. Your ongoing support means that thousands of donkeys across the UK, just like Wayne, will have a home for life, free from suffering and neglect.

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