Patricia and Lilybee have been coming on leaps and bounds since joining the herd at The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland. Find out about how they are getting on.

Our team in Ireland found Patricia and Lilybee with long hooves and no shelter in late 2020. Sadly, their owner had passed away a year previously, leaving the donkeys to wander in a vast land area with no one looking after their welfare. Patricia’s hooves were very long, so every step she took was difficult and painful.

Both Patricia and Lilybee required specialist care, so we moved them to our sanctuary in Liscarroll.

Patricia and Lilybee have since settled in well at The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland and have now moved on from New Arrivals.

Lilybee joined other young donkeys Dinky, Harley and Lockie in Woods Shed 1 on Hannigans Farm during the early summer.

In July, after Lilybee had weaned, Patricia also joined the young donkeys at Woods Shed. At three years old, she is a young donkey and gets on well with the other group members. 
Lilybee and Patricia are sweet and gentle donkeys and are close to each other. In time, we hope that they can enter our Rehoming scheme and go to live in a Guardian home together.