With the recent Covid-19 lockdown challenges, we have all had to learn to be more adaptable. Like swapping a keyboard for a wheelbarrow for instance.

Liz Ripping joined our centre in Leeds in February this year as a Visitor and Events Assistant. Just one month later, the whole of the UK went into lockdown and all our sanctuaries closed in line with government restrictions. With no events running, Liz was asked if she would like to help provide care to the donkeys instead during these challenging months.

“When lockdown hit, I thought oh no, what now? My manager asked me if I would be willing to provide essential donkey care instead. It was the quickest 'yes' I have ever given. It has been an amazing journey for me as I am learning so much about the donkeys and learning lots about myself too! I enjoy mucking in when needed but never dreamt I would be enjoying mucking out quite so much!”

With all our centres still closed, there has still been plenty to do for those staff who have been trickling back to work, while remaining safe and social distancing around their working areas.

In Leeds, Liz told us that they have also been busy taking care of the grounds around the centre. While some areas have been allowed to re-wild, others like the donkey memorial garden needed a little attention.

Liz and the team were happy to get stuck in again and return the memorial garden to looking its best.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge challenge for us and our donkeys. We are all looking forward to when we'll be opening our gates again to welcome you back in to visit your favourite donkeys and meet new friends.

Until then, stay safe and be kind.