Your support not only helps us treat donkeys and mules in the UK, but enables us to share our knowledge with fellow professionals across Europe.

Your generous support of our new veterinary hospital not only helps donkeys and mules in the UK but, through our education outreach work, reaches thousands of animals across Europe too.

With projects in Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Italy, The Donkey Sanctuary organises annual workshops to share knowledge and improve donkey welfare.

Our new hospital offers the perfect place to collaborate, offering both the opportunity to share a conference room and to experience practical veterinary care on the hospital’s resident patients.

In March we welcomed our partners from across Europe, proving just how the new facility is enabling us to continue our work in ever more efficient and effective ways.

Senior veterinary surgeon Alex Thiemann says: “We are working towards achieving a consistency of approach in terms of veterinary care of donkeys and the handling of equipment. We are specifically trying to encourage these vets to provide more training in their local areas – we need them to train the next generation of service providers, be that farriers, vets or any other kind of animal welfare professional.”

Romanian vet Roxana said: “This week has been amazing. We’ve gathered so much information and exchanged so many experiences. Facility-wise it has been amazing, you can’t compare it with anything we have in Romania and in regards to our learning, we have found out things that we never even new existed and we will all now take some time to digest it and take that knowledge back to our respective countries.”

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