A sanctuary in Antigua was hit with crisis when a lengthy drought destroyed the fodder grazed on by its donkeys. Thankfully, The Donkey Sanctuary has provided a shipment of food for the donkeys in need.

Donation saves donkeys from starving

Thanks to a donation from The Donkey Sanctuary, underweight donkeys struggling through a lengthy drought in Antigua can now tuck into troughs full of hay and straw.

When expected rainfall did not arrive, and the long-term forecast offered no respite from the dry conditions, the locally-available fodder was all but destroyed.

Thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters, we were able to reach out to the Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society who were struggling to support the 150 donkeys living there amid the drought.

A container of good quality hay and straw has been delivered to the donkeys in need, which will be enough to keep the donkeys strong and well fed for the next three months.

Brown, inedible grass in Antigua
Transporting hay and straw to hay barn, Antigua
Offloading container of hay and straw in Antigua
The brown grass withered by drought (main image), compared with the delivery of much-needed fresh hay and straw.

Karen Corbin, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society, has been working hard with her small team to sustain the herd. She has even offered refuge to further feral or abandoned donkeys struggling to forage elsewhere on the island.

With a stash of fresh and good quality feed now available, she has issued a heartfelt thank you to The Donkey Sanctuary and our wonderful supporters.

Blind donkey Stevie makes the most of the donated fodder

Among the beneficiaries is Stevie, a blind donkey taken in by the sanctuary after he was hit by a car. He will get to enjoy his ration in a specially-constructed shelter, known as ‘Stevie’s Place’.

Karen adds: “He heads to his special spot just before the staff leave for the day and he is given his food there."

“He struggles to eat in the feeding tubs with the other donkeys as they jostle for position and push him around, so this way he gets to eat in peace. Also, he hates the rain, and while the others can find shelter, he cannot, so once he is in his special place we know he will be comfortable when the rain eventually arrives.”

Once the shipment of fresh food had been delivered, staff ensured Stevie had first dibs at the tubs to fill up before the rest of the herd got stuck in.

The future for the Antiguan herd

The Donkey Sanctuary was thrilled to hear that there has been some rainfall in the region recently, meaning that the locally available grass should mature in the next two months. The timing could not be better for the herd of donkeys, as this will coincide with the length of time the container of straw and hay is planned to last for them.

We are deeply grateful for the continued backing of our supporters, which allows us to be there when desperate donkeys need us most.

Watch the video to see the heartwarming moment the hungry herd flocked with glee towards their new fodder.

Thanks to your support, over 150 donkeys are now full and content

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