Two donkeys who had no shelter to protect themselves from the harsh winter weather are now enjoying the warmth and comfort of a new home.

After receiving a report of two donkeys living in a field with no shelter in March 2020, Senior Donkey Welfare Adviser Georgia McCormick responded to the call and found Patrick and Patsy in the field.

With no access to a stable or shelter, the donkeys had nowhere to escape from the wet and windy weather. 

Georgia says: “There is a requirement for all donkeys to have access to a three-sided man-made shelter with a roof at all times, and it must be large enough for the number of donkeys using it. 

“A shelter will offer protection from the wind, rain and cold in the winter, and shielding from the sun and flies in the summer.”

Georgia contacted Patsy and Patrick’s owner, who explained that they had ordered a shelter, but the Covid-19 pandemic had delayed delivery. 

But, when Georgia and Head of Welfare Hannah Bryer returned to the site nine months later in December 2020, Patsy and Patrick’s now snowy field still contained no shelter. 

The small field that the donkeys shared was boggy, leaving them with little to eat. Although the owner had fitted the donkeys with rugs to keep them warm, Patsy had lost some weight, and Georgia and Hannah could easily feel her ribs and pelvis. 

Patrick in the snow covered field on the day of rescue
Patsy in the snow covered field on the day of rescue
Patsy had lost some weight since Hannah and Georgia's last visit
Patrick (left) and Patsy (right) on the day of rescue. Patsy had lost some weight.

Georgia spoke to the owner, who agreed it was in the best interests of the donkeys to relinquish them into our care. 

Although the owner had made some efforts, it had not been possible to erect a shelter in the field, and there was no alternative accommodation for them. 

We collected the donkeys that day, which meant that they saw in the new year in a comfortable stable at one of our holding bases in the Midlands, where they continue to thrive. 

Patrick and Patsy under the cover of their shelter at the holding base
Patrick and Patsy now have a warm, comfortable stable.
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Georgia says: “Patsy and Patrick are incredibly friendly and curious donkeys and enjoy lots of human interaction. 

“They have been thoroughly assessed by a vet during the last few months while being handled daily to build on their training and confidence. 

“We are hopeful that Patsy and Patrick will soon be able to find a new family through our Rehoming Scheme.” 

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