A group of seven donkeys comprising of one of the largest breeds, and one of the smallest, have been relinquished into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary.

The donkeys came to us from a loving home, but due to a change in their owner’s circumstances, the three large Poitou donkeys, and four Mediterranean miniature donkeys were taken in to our care and will now have a home for life in one of our sanctuaries.

Poitou donkeys measure an average of 14.2 hands high (142-152 cm). They are distinctive not just because of their size, but also from their long shaggy coats and are not usually found alongside miniature donkeys, who are on average eight hands tall, reaching no more than 91 cm at the shoulder.

On their first visit to meet the donkeys at their home, it was clear to our Donkey Welfare Advisers, Tewsday Herbert and Sophie Foster, that the seven were used to receiving lots of love and attention, and were comfortable being handled.

Tewsday said: “In my role, I rarely come across the less common breeds of donkeys, so it was a real treat to meet the Poitous and miniatures.”

The donkeys, who are currently in our New Arrivals Unit, are not suitable to be rehomed due to their specialist care requirements, and it was deemed to be in their best interests to bring them to the sanctuary, where they now have a home for life.

"It is very important that we gain as much information about the donkeys before they come into our care, particularly of those on medication or with ongoing health issues. Some of the donkeys were on long-term medication to help keep them healthy in their older age.

"The group had clearly been well cared for and are from a loving home, and I am so glad we have been able to give these donkeys a home for life after their owner reached out to us. They deserve a secure future getting the attention they need.”

Our dedicated Welfare team is still responding to urgent welfare concerns and remains committed to supporting donkeys and their owners throughout the current Covid-19 restrictions.

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