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Operation 17

Recently we conducted one of our largest rescues in Ireland. A concerned member of the public contacted The Donkey Sanctuary regarding a large group of donkeys roaming through a bog in County Meath.

Our Donkey Welfare Adviser, Cathy, visited the bog to investigate, and was greeted by 17 terrified, neglected donkeys with extremely overgrown hooves.

One female donkey with the most horrendously twisted hooves struck a chord with Cathy. Although she was in visible pain and discomfort, she was kind and gentle - we named her Breeze.

Rescues such as this, and the story of Daithi, are just two examples of the daily struggles we face. Donkeys like Daithi are the result of uncontrolled breeding, these beautiful donkeys are considered worthless as there is no market for them and the expense of their care and feed is not seen as a priority.

Why is the situation so desperate?

Uncontrolled production is considered key to the increased numbers of donkeys being abandoned in Ireland in recent years - there is an excess of supply over demand.

Andy Foxcroft, Director of Care and Welfare for The Donkey Sanctuary, stated: “Breeding and keeping of donkeys in Ireland is unregulated and until recent times has been viewed as a profitable enterprise; however, the market quickly collapsed during the period of economic depression in Ireland."

So far this year our Irish Sanctuaries have already taken in over 100 donkeys and we need your help.

How your donation will help...

RESCUE - £20 can pay for our rescue vehicles to stay on the road.

RECOVERY - £30 can pay for special feed to give donkeys extra vitamins they need.

SANCTUARY - £50 can pay for wood shavings for a warm and comfortable bed.

BRIGHTER FUTURE - £100 can pay for the veterinary care that many rescued donkeys need.