The Donkey Sanctuary has put together the following information to help you plan for a safe visit.

Health and safety

Everything in the world is covered with a range of different bugs and all animals naturally carry a range of micro-organisms, some of which can be transmitted to people, where they may cause ill health.

Wash and dry hands thoroughly after contact with the animals, before eating and drinking, and before leaving us. Use soap and hot water, and dry properly with paper towels. The sanctuary has hand washing points for you to do this in the shelters and the toilets.

Note that anti-bacterial gels are not an effective substitute for soap and water.

Cover cuts and grazes on children’s hands or bare skin with a waterproof dressing to stop any potential transfer.

Do not eat in the donkey areas - we have a picnic area for lunches and snacks, along with our restaurant

Do not feed the donkeys - this is to keep both you and the donkeys safe, feeding the donkeys may make them ill.

Do not kiss the donkeys - we cannot wash our mouths out with soap and hot water.

Be aware of farm traffic - we are a working farm, please listen and watch for tractors and other vehicles. As with many other educational or recreational activities, visits to The Donkey Sanctuary can never be considered free from all risk, but these risks can be easily controlled:

First aid and assistance is available from the Visitors' Centre.