Clean, fresh water is a fundamental right - and it comes down to donkeys and mules to deliver it to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Our 'Donkeys Matter' garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show illustrates the vital importance of these hardworking animals.

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About the garden

Set in an arid location, a shelter near a well provides some shade. A dripping bucket hangs above the well and less arid planting surrounds it. On the higher ground, a bank of lavender is reached by a path that leads to a rocky area. The path traverses from bottom left to top right, representing the many journeys that donkeys carry out on behalf of communities.

The planting in the garden includes plants typical of dry regions, like Eryngium bourgatii, Iris germanica, and Lavendula angustifolia, and the colour palette is claret, purple and silver. The trees in the space are Pinus parviflora ‘Glauca’ and Cupressus sempervirens.

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Why do donkeys matter?

In Ethiopia, Samuna uses her donkeys to collect water for her children and her community. "My donkey is my strength," she told us. "She is a hero."

Similarly, Margartu - aged just 10 - is responsible for gathering water at the Bulbulla water hole. She and her older brother pledge to care for their donkeys long after they can pull a cart. "When she is old I won't load her any more," she says, "but I'll still look after her."

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