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Under The Skin

Right now, millions of donkeys from Asia, Africa and South America are at risk of being stolen and slaughtered for their skins – the gelatin in the hide being a key ingredient in the prized traditional Chinese medicine called ejiao (e-gee-yow).

A new report by The Donkey Sanctuary reveals the shocking scale of this global demand for donkey skins – a demand that is unsustainable, whilst simultaneously causing mass-scale suffering to donkeys and risking the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on them.

Read here about the serious issues being faced and act now to add your voice to our campaign and help us curb this trade.

Starving in the snow

Stuck in thick snow in freezing temperatures, hundreds of donkeys are suffering following multiple earthquakes in Italy. Many have no shelter. They are out in the perishing cold, struggling to move or find food and water.

Others are trapped inside barns – hungry, isolated and alone. These desperate donkeys need your help. The Donkey Sanctuary has already taken action.

Food is on its way - 13,000 kg of hay and straw will arrive at the emergency centre on Monday. But more needs to be done. These donkeys need your help now.

This is an emergency situation with no end in sight. Follow the situation as it unfolds.

Ireland Rescue Appeal

Our farms in Ireland are full. We have had to find extra space to house the 300 donkeys a year coming into our care. Another 500 donkeysare cared for in holding bases. These donkeys need health checks, food, shelter, veterinary care and other regular treatments each and every year. This year alone, costs for rescue, transport and care look set to reach a staggering £1.5 million. We desperately need your help.

Andy Foxcroft, Director of Care and Welfare for The Donkey Sanctuary, stated: “Breeding and keeping of donkeys in Ireland is unregulated and until recent times has been viewed as a profitable enterprise; however, the market quickly collapsed during the period of economic depression in Ireland."

Hospital appeal

Our current hospital is very busy. We treat many donkeys with a whole range of health issues. Here's a quick overview of some of the procedures we performed, thanks to our generous supporters.

With a new hospital we can keep up with veterinary advances, ensuring the best possible treatment of our donkeys. We can also handle more complicated cases on site, saving the donkeys unnecessary travel.

As an acknowledged centre of excellence for donkey health and welfare, we offer advice and training to donkey owners, veterinarians, dentists, farriers and students both nationally and internationally.