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Dodger’s first Palm Sunday

Dodger is a 10 year old donkey who lives at Town Barton. Dodger had no idea what the day was going to bring when we arrived early at work on Sunday morning. We had to try out a younger donkey this year for the Palm Sunday procession, as Philip, the pro, is now retired from his Palm Sunday duties due to his age. We had another donkey lined up but they refused to board the trailer, time was getting on so we used our back up plan, which went by the name of Dodger.

Madonna's little angel

37-year old Madonna has a little angel and his name is September. You see, all mother's love their kids and Madonna is no exception. Both mother and son are inseparable and live together with our other resident donkeys here at Town Barton Farm. There's also something else very special about September... he was born at the Sanctuary... you guessed it, in the month that he is named!

Hector was a very sensitive soul

It's always a sad time for us when we have to say goodbye to an old friend. More so when their owners travel about 600 miles in a round trip to visit at least once a month... just like Liz and Dave Barrett have been doing for the past 9 years to spend time with Hector and Smokey.

There is no fitting tribute to Hector than in Liz's own words which follow.

Celebrating our own Jubilee

After the Jubilee celebrations this weekend, we thought we would share with you our own Jubilee who lives at Town Barton Farm which is currently home to 91 donkeys, 16 hinnies, 2 horses, 127 mules and 13 ponies.

Jubilee is 24 years old and has lived on the Sanctuary farm since 1991 when she came into our care with her mother from Bodmin Moor. Her two close friends are Emily and Lucy and the trio love going out in the fields and who wouldn't with a view across Dartmoor!

Jubilee at Town Barton Farm


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