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Town Barton Farm welcomes new arrivals

We are Helen Cleverton and Becky Godley from Town Barton Farm which is home to 141 mules and hinnies and specialises in care and behaviour training for these highly intelligent and sensitive animals. There was a group of mules at our Sanctuary in Ireland that were moving over to our farm and we were lucky enough to visit them to learn the key points about their individual behaviour training needs. This would make the move much easier for the mules and help us to understand them and build upon the training progress they’ve already made.

Helen and Becky with Lugs the mule at Town Barton Farm

Wallace the Great

Greatness comes to those who wait, and for Wallace the mule it was all worth the wait to find his dream foster home.

Steve and Lesley Radcliffe already had 4 mules, 2 of which were fostered from The Donkey Sanctuary but unfortunately they lost their beloved Billy to an inoperable condition, which was an extremely sad time for them. After the loss of Billy, Steve and Lesley found comfort in a visit to The Donkey Sanctuary’s Town Barton Farm which currently has 148 mules and hinnies, 140 donkeys and 11 ponies.

Understanding and affection towards one another

Year of the mule's mother

Did you know this Friday celebrates the start of the Chinese New Year and is known as the Year of the Horse, one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. It is said that those born within the Year of the Horse are recognised as energetic, bright and intelligent.

What's the connection with The Donkey Sanctuary we hear you say! Let us explain...

Misty the pony loves playing with her friend Melody the mule

Milo was an absolute star

A week before Christmas last year, Milo one of our mules at Town Barton went off to his new home. We packed him a big bag of straw and hay with festive tinsel wrapped round it so he could give it to his foster owners on his arrival along with a Christmas card which stated Milo’s likes and dislikes and how he likes his bed made... we do fuss but it’s only because we care!


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