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When Betty came to tea

George is 19 years old and is now one of our much loved foster donkeys. Before becoming a foster donkey George only had horses for company but when they went his owner, Betty, asked if she could relinquish George to the Sanctuary to secure his future. This was done and then Dillon came to join him from our holding base at Buxton. They remained with Betty for 10 years.

Margaret, Betty and George

Jasper the foster donkey gets a look in

You may have read my previous blog about the fabulous Enoch, the therapy foster donkey. Well his companion Jasper barely ever gets a look in as Enoch almost always steals the show and 14 year old Jasper is not usually as confident about getting peoples’ attention.

One day a small group of school girls from Amman Valley School in Carmarthenshire attended an animal care day with Ann who is Jasper’s foster owner. The day would give the girls a chance to learn about caring for donkeys, to gain confidence in handling donkeys and to begin to understand basic behaviour of donkeys.

Jasper having a cuddle at an open day at one of our foster homes

Enoch turns from foster donkey to therapy donkey

Enoch is 23 years old and has been with his present foster carer, Ann, for ten years. He is a brilliant foster donkey but he really shines when asked to go out to give some love to people as a therapy donkey.

He was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease (or PPID as it is now called) two years ago. He really became quite poorly and could no longer perform his duties as a therapy donkey and it was uncertain if he would ever return to it, much to everyone’s dismay.

Enoch on an outreach visit. Photograph copyright Mark Davies.


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