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Saving Alan from misery

Cold, damp, miserable. Three adjectives that perfectly described the day when I was called in to help the plight of a small stallion donkey and some other equines. I arrived at the site and looked out on rolling fields, as far as the eye could see there was just mud, no longer any grass, just churned up mud. Loose strands of barbed wire pretended to be some kind of boundary amongst the rusting heaps of metal, rubbish and debris that constituted the squalor that these animals were forced to live in.

Alan at time of rescue

Donkeys reach new heights in their historical adventure

Two of our taller donkeys have settled in to their new home at Erddig, a National Trust property near Wrexham in North Wales. The previous owners of the hall, the Yorke sisters, kept donkeys that they used to drive in a cart around the grounds, so it seemed fitting that donkeys finally returned. We struggle to find homes with the space and confidence to take our larger donkeys so were thrilled that the National Trust were happy to give two of our lovely taller boys a home.

Lofty and Tambo

Some support gets things back on track for the fabulous five

Sometimes when you look back you realise just how far you’ve come. Two years ago I received a call from a very distressed owner, Phil. He felt he needed to send his much-loved donkeys in to us as he had some health issues and was experiencing difficulties in maintaining a regular farrier. He was devastated. I asked him not to be too hasty and we had a long discussion about what the issues were and how we might be able to at least try to find an alternative solution.

The fabulous five

Spreading the word about donkeys

The beautiful country of Wales can sometimes feel a little overlooked (not by those of us who live here of course). Events for professionals usually take place over the border and, as Wales isn’t known for its easy roads, it can be a monumental task to attend, particularly for those on the west coast.

So we’re doing an event on 12 October for equine professionals in Wales - of course it is open to professionals outside Wales too ...although on this occasion you’ve got to come to us!

Events details


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