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Fab four - Skooby, Violet, Aaron and Charlie

Just back from two glorious weeks in North Yorkshire and straight into action taking four of my own donkeys to take part in the annual Farriers' Competition, this year to be held at the Suffolk Showground, Ipswich.

A rather eleventh hour call from Ed, one of the Committee, on Monday whilst I was still on holiday, resulted in me trying desperately to find suitable donkeys with owners able to attend on the following Sunday. Bit of an ask, and sadly due to family commitments, other plans and a big donkey show in Peterborough, I failed to come up with anybody able to attend.

The Magnificent Seven

Some of you may recall Sarah (one of my Norfolk foster owners) telling us about her four 'boys' who were delivered a year ago. I was going to say that, not content with four, Sarah requested more donkeys but the fact is that being so very content with four she decided to offer her home to another small group of Sanctuary donkeys.

The Magnificent Seven

Spreading a little knowledge and love of donkeys

The varied and interesting life of a welfare officer found me at Surrey Docks City Farm where, in my role as a Trainer for The Donkey Sanctuary, we were holding a Stage 1 Donkey Care Course for six of their volunteers. Thank goodness for SatNav as negotiating London streets with my legendary sense of direction would probably have resulted in my ending up on Hampstead Heath desperately searching for large ears in the undergrowth!

Volunteers at Surrey Docks City Farm

No shrinking violet

I recently visited four of my wonderful foster homes in Norfolk, one of which has two of our donkeys, Violet and Cocoa Beans. When Violet first went into this home she truly was a shrinking violet, quite nervous of everything and lacking confidence. Thanks to the tremendous input of the foster owners, she is now friendly, confident and a totally different donkey.

Great leap of confidence for Violet


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