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New Year but not happy for some

Christmas and New Year are hopefully happy times for most people but sadly two separate foster homes lost a donkey. Both just had one remaining elderly single donkey and although we never recommend donkeys are on their own, in their twilight years many cope quite happily. Which is often just as well because finding a single elderly donkey is as rare as hen's teeth and putting a youngster with them would be very unfair on both.

Grafic and Sean

Christmas cheer and edible wreaths!

Most of us will be getting into the Christmas spirit (well, maybe not too much of the alcoholic kind!) and now seemed the perfect moment to show you foster donkey Gee all geared up to enjoy himself... especially as 15 year old Maisie, who looks after Gee and Walsh, made a wonderful edible wreath which was hung on the front door of their house before being given to two delighted boys!

Gee wearing his Christmas hat

No teeth... no problem!

Boo Boo, age 21, and Barnaby, age 29, have been in a lovely foster home in Essex since 2001 and until 2008 everything was fine. Then, due to a change of equine dentist, Amy took over dental care of the boys. Some donkeys are better with the dentist than others and Barnaby is very laid back about it all but Boo Boo has different ideas!

Barnaby (left) and Boo Boo (right)

Grace and Goldie in Donkey Heaven!

It's not often that people buy a particular house specifically to have two donkeys but that is exactly what Justine and Richard did in order to fulfil a lifetime's dream! After two years of looking at houses they came across their current property. Which, as they said, was not the house they would have bought but it did have a lovely little paddock and room to build a stable block.

Justine and Richard with Grace and Goldie

Golden Oldie Rosie

Rosie is probably one of the oldest donkeys out on foster although to look at her you really wouldn't know it as she looks about 20 years younger than she is. I wish I did too and think I may not be alone there! Pam, her devoted foster owner, believes she is around 48 years young. Rosie belies her years not only by her appearance but also with her outlook on life - she can still be somewhat feisty if she doesn't want to do something!

Golden Oldie Rosie

And now... The Fantabulous Five!

Enter Wilma, Barnie, Freddie, Ed and Em - all miniature donkeys with huge personalities! I know that we shouldn't have favourites but sorry, I have. Mainly because the utterly charismatic Wilma (28 inches tall but 17hh in her own mind) together with the delightful Barnie and Freddie, spent four months in my holding base and stole my heart.

Luckily they went to a first class foster home in Essex, so stayed in my area and I get to see them regularly. I am sure Roger is terrified every time I visit that I will donknap them back - a distinct possibility!

Roger with the Fantabulous Five!


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