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Driving ambition!

Some of you may recall from an earlier blog the exciting delivery of Bart and Penny, two established driving donkeys who have joined Emma and her other two foster donkeys. As Emma has now had a few months to get to know Bart and Penny, I visited her recently to see how things were going. And whilst not wishing to jinx things in any way, all is going fairly well.

Emma with Penny and Bart

Suffolk Donkey Day

Wow! What a day! Perfect weather, beautiful venue, again held at Lavenham Hall courtesy of Kate Denton, and hundreds of people who all enjoyed the array of stalls, cream teas, donkey rides, raffle, tombola and kids entertainment.

Suffolk Donkey Day

Hope for George?

Following on from my previous blog about this very confused donkey, our behaviourist, Ben Hart, has now visited Hopefield Animal Sanctuary to meet George and his handlers.

George standing with Ben

Lows and highs

Two very differing welfare visits in one day. The first to a farm in Suffolk who have sadly decided to relinquish two donkeys that suffer badly with seedy toe. East Anglia has a variety of soil types but heavy clay is prevalent in a lot of areas which does not suit donkeys' feet at all. It is fine in the summer, being rock hard and dry, but come winter and we are all up to our ankles or fetlocks in not so glorious mud! And very sticky glutinous mud at that!

Penny arriving in her new home

Girl Power arrives at Penny Meadow!

I was delighted when the Penny Meadow Trust, based near Dedham, Essex approached us with a view to having foster donkeys. The Trust provides somewhere for young adults with learning disabilities to go and offers a variety of things for them to do. This is very close to my heart, having worked for a number of years at the Jane Walker Hospital which was home to a large number of additional needs adults and young people. The Trust has some 7 acres of land and have alpacas, goats, a horse and of course three beautiful donkeys - Jenny Jin, Pooke and Collaney Beauty.

Jan pictured with Pooke, Collany and Jenny

Gorgeous, if a little confused, George!

It has been a fairly busy start to the year and there is lots for me to tell you about but for the moment I would like to tell George's story.

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, who are based in Brentwood, Essex, contacted us recently about George, a five year old lovely looking dark brown donkey with an identity crisis! He is pictured here with Lianne, one of the managers of the Hopefield and it was Lianne who contacted The Donkey Sanctuary in the hope that we may be able to help with George's behavioural problems which seem to be getting worse.

George pictured with Lianne


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