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City high flyers

Mudchute City Farm, an oasis set in 32 acres in East London, is now home to two Sanctuary donkeys, Harley and Skooby. A stone’s throw from Canary Wharf, centre of high finance, this amazing City Farm offers an opportunity to see and learn about a large variety of animals.

Lorna with Harley and Skooby at Mudchute Farm

To work or not to work?

There are divided opinions on whether donkeys should be working in any capacity in this country and certainly working donkeys overseas often do not enjoy the best of lives. The Donkey Sanctuary works very hard to educate owners in many countries around the world on good donkey husbandry.

But should they be allowed to work in the UK giving rides or driving? Donkeys, contrary to popular belief, are not stubborn and stupid. Their biggest problem is their willingness to work for man until they drop, often with very little food or care. Hardly a stubborn attitude.

Bart and Penny donkey driving

90 and not out!

I took Charlie the donkey to a luncheon to honour Marjorie Newman’s 90th birthday where he was a surprise guest. Marjorie has supported The Donkey Sanctuary for many years, raising thousands of pounds at her Donkey Days in Lavenham, Suffolk.

Charlie, wearing a birthday greetings sash, presented Marjorie with a card from the team in Devon and walked around the hall greeting surprised lunch goers at the Salvation Army Hall.

Marjorie and Charlie's birthday celebrations

All they want for Christmas...

Zippy and George are two stunning young donkeys! Actually quite large donkeys but very classy with coats like shiny conkers and have enjoyed life in their wonderful Norfolk home for three and a half years.

Zippy, now nearly 6, and George, 5, are very involved in village life as their field is next to the village hall. Visitors and admirers abound and proud foster owners Genine and Ken are often seen long reining or taking the boys for a walk.

Zippy and George with owner Ken


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