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A friend in need is a friend indeed

All my foster visits normally involve visiting donkeys and mules, but in this one foster home I get the pleasure in visiting a donkey called Tina and a sheep called Babe.

Twelve years ago Tina sadly lost her mother whilst in her foster home. Tina never got on very well with other donkeys apart from her mother so it was a worrying time after the loss of her mum that she would become very lonely.

Tina at her foster home

The angels spread joy to all

It’s always a joy to see Foster Donkeys in loving homes living stimulating and fulfilled lives. Terry and Wellington live in a fabulous foster home with Hettie and Bob in Dorset. Terry and Wellington, known to many as “The Angels” scattered donkey happiness at an Easter service and also visited a Retirement home, bringing joy to all the residents. Its humbling to see donkeys in foster homes where they are able to share their donkey magic with others to promote well-being for all.

Terry and Wellington visiting a local residential home

Saying goodbye and welcoming another

It’s an upsetting time for everyone when foster donkeys have to be put to sleep. Especially for the donkey friend that is left behind. They mourn as much as we do. It has been known for a donkey to give up on life with the loss of their friend. They can stop eating, drinking, become very quiet or sometimes destructive.

So after the loss of Joseph, who was so loved by his foster family and who lived to the grand old age of 35 in their care, Paddy started to bray loudly, and he even broke down part of the fence. Most unlike Paddy.

Paddy and Jack- love at first sight


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