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Spicing things up with donkey enrichment

"We love our donkeys so much; what can we do to show our love for them? We want to do more."

For a donkey welfare adviser to be asked this from a Donkey Guardian about their rehomed donkeys is the best question of all.

A hug may be your first response - and yes, they do love a hug and a scratch - but donkeys need so much more than being shown a human form of love.

How about enrichment, stimulation and understanding? These are all key parts to fulfilling a donkey’s life.

Enriching lives

Donkeys Ned and Applejack are now living their lives at Nethercott House at Farms For City Children. Donkeys are inquisitive and intelligent creatures and in this home, rehomed donkeys Ned and Applejack receive interaction and mental stimulation, from both the staff and children every day.

Nethercott House

From Mexico with love

The Donkey Sanctuary welcome vet students throughout the year from all over the world to learn about all things donkey and mule. Valeria is a vet student from Mexico who has spent several weeks with various departments of The Donkey Sanctuary, including the veterinary team. Vet students spend their time learning about donkey and mule husbandry and management as well as learning how to diagnose and treat the animals’ illnesses.

Valeria at a Guardian home

A French circus girl and a Kosovan smuggler find love

Two donkeys, both alike in dignity in fair Kosovo where we lay our scene.

Shrek was born and grew up in an uncertain time in his home country of Kosovo, where he spent most of his young life with his friend Max working hard as smugglers donkeys. Kosovo used donkeys and ponies to smuggle goods such as cigarettes and ammunition, from the East to the richer countries in the West.

Rosalie and Shrek

Remembering our founder Dr Svendsen - From an uncertain beginning to a humble end

Little Lad did not have a great start in life; five years ago he was born into a world of neglect and uncertainty. The Donkey Sanctuary Welfare team and Vets worked hard with the RSPCA, who successfully seized Little Lad and his friends from sub-zero temperatures and deep snow so they were able to come into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary.

Little Lad and Dr Svendsen

Football, visits from Spain, donkey parties... its busy being a foster donkey!

Both George and Little Lad didn’t have the best start in life and were both relinquished to The Donkey Sanctuary from separate welfare cases but look where they are now, in a fabulous foster home where they have become very much part of the family. Due to their unsettled start in life, they have needed a very delicate, patient and caring touch, which they have found in abundance from their foster owners.

George and Little Lad playing football


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