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Saying goodbye to Aramis

Saying goodbye for a final time to an old friend is always hard - and so it was with Aramis. Phil and I arrived shortly after sunrise to spend some time with him - and to give him a final grooming - something we have been doing twice a week since his arrival at The Donkey Sanctuary.

Aramis arrived at Buffalo Barn about 3 years ago with his half-brothers - D'Artanyan and Guinness, where they joined another member of their family - Percy. Four handsome Poitou donkeys together.

Aramis with Quality Time  Volunteer, Phil Harlow

Soulful dark eyes

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I work as a groom at The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth. I am privileged to help care for a rare herd of 16 Poitou donkeys. These gentle giants have taken up a soft spot in my heart with their big personalities, soulful dark eyes and light brown long-haired coats which can form their distinctive shaggy dreadlocks if left ungroomed.

Elizabeth with a Pouitou donkey


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