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Goodbye to Gareth - King of the Herd

I need to let you all know that we have had to make the most heartbreaking of decisions for mini adoption donkey, Gareth, gently putting him to sleep this afternoon surrounded by his loving grooms and his best friend, Benji.

He has been giving us cause for concern over the last few months, progressively losing his sight and encountering increasing problems with his hoof. Some donkeys cope well with sight loss, others not so well. Sadly, Gareth was in this latter category and this is why it’s been so challenging to treat his hoof effectively.

Goodbye Gareth

International Carrot Day: Do donkeys eat carrots?

Fans of the humble carrot will be celebrating all things orange and crunchy on April 4 to mark International Carrot Day.

A carrot is often regarded as a donkey’s favourite snack; however, The Donkey Sanctuary staff give carrots in small doses as a treat, or as part of a donkey’s diet in the winter and early spring when fresh grass is not available.

So, what do donkeys eat?

We have crunched the stats and put together an easily-digestible guide to show you what an average donkey should be eating.

Eeyore enjoying his carrot

Adoption donkey Teddy retires at age 26

Popular adoption donkey, Teddy, has reached the grand old age of 26. This is an impressive age for any donkey, not least one who is blind.

Just recently, though, he’s started to feel the effects of his advancing years by developing a few problems with his liver and kidneys. He is also becoming increasingly arthritic.

After careful consideration and advice from our expert vet team the difficult decision has been made to retire Teddy from the adoption scheme from today, 15 January 2016.

Teddy is retiring from the adoption scheme at the age of 26

Donkeys, trams and cars

In 2012 The Donkey Sanctuary worked in collaboration with Seaton Tramway and Pecorama to come up with a Passport to Lyme Bay. At each attraction there is a little booklet which offers savings for visitors to enjoy and encourages them to visit the other places. We promote each other throughout the year, and one way of doing this is attending each other’s Open Days.

William (left) and Harry (right)

Meet Zena - our new adoption donkey

Zena is the newest addition to our Adopt a Donkey scheme and we’re raring to tell you all about her.

Born right here at the Sanctuary, we’ve seen this adorable lady develop in both strength and character.

She’s been devoted to her best friend Ashley since the day they were introduced and now you can find out all about their friendship. Discover how Zena can be part of your life and how to adopt her.

Meet Zena, our new adoption donkey

Saying goodbye to Marguerite

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of Marguerite, one of our beloved former adoption donkeys who was on the scheme between 2005 and 2007.

While she was only an adoption donkey for a short while she was one of the bright stars of The Donkey Sanctuary, representing us at county shows and ploughing competitions where she showed off her impeccable manners and determination to win a number of rosettes and prizes.

Former adoption donkey Marguerite


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