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Hetty’s exciting escapades

All the donkeys on our farms and in our donkey assisted therapy centres are looked after by fabulous staff, who not only attend to the donkeys’ basic needs but also have to provide a lot of care when the donkeys are poorly. So you may wonder… how do the grooms get to be so fabulous?

The answer is a mix of motivation and training. The Donkey Sanctuary is responsible for a lot of internal training and staff development and runs a Diploma Scheme, where new starters or long-term staff can progress through various training modules to achieve recognition and diploma status.


Help comes in many forms

We had a new experience here at the Veterinary Department the other week. We had been contacted by El Refugio del Burrito, our rescue centre in Spain, who asked for help concerning a donkey they had rescued. This donkey had extremely overgrown unbalanced hooves that were causing severe problems walking and the farrier in Spain had asked for a second opinion regarding trimming as they had not come across a problem like this before. Up stepped our expert farrier Matt to offer advice, however how to deliver this with the language and distance barrier was a concern.

Elena and Matt discussing the case

Christmas comes early!

This month’s blog comes from Anna, our Welfare Vet.

A wonderful supporter, Jean Fooks from the Donkey Breed Society, created some Christmas magic on Friday when she opened her covered stable yard to visitors and created a magical crib scene complete with Mary and Joseph (small people!), shepherds, three Wise Men (not so small people!), lambs and, of course, her wonderfully precious donkey, Gigi, in the starring role.

Nativity scene

Donkeys go medieval for goose fayre

We were invited to bring some donkeys to be part of this year’s Goose Fayre at Colyford, Devon and take part in the medieval procession through the village.

We chose Joe from Paccombe Farm for his good looks and amazing character. Wanting another white donkey to look super together we started taking Daffy for walks with him. They got on wonderfully and Daffy passed the test to go out into the public. The problem with being white was that it took 2 scrubs with shampoo to get them white!

Joe and Daffy at Colywood Goose Fayre

Helping donkeys in need 24/7

This month’s blog comes from Anna, our Welfare Vet.

The Donkey Sanctuary is a wonderful place but sometimes it’s in the wrong place! We never refuse admission to a donkey in need but sometimes a long journey down to Devon is not in the best interests of a donkey. For this reason we are lucky enough to have what we call ‘holding bases’ around the country. These special places are run by people who really care for and about donkeys - dedicated people who are or have been Donkey Welfare Advisors or members of The Donkey Sanctuary staff.

Donkeys at a holding base

Dental work experience

Hello, I’m Jodi Williams an equine dental technician working towards becoming a fully qualified member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT). Last year I completed a 3 year BSc (Hons) degree in equine dental science which passes me for the theoretical element of the BAEDT exam; however in order to pass the practical (clinical) examination, I still need to complete a considerable amount of work experience which includes collecting 300 case studies signed off by vets and fully qualified equine dental technicians.

Jodi examining a donkey's teeth


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