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Our unsung heroes

Many members of staff at The Donkey Sanctuary work very hard to make life better for donkeys but don’t get the recognition they deserve because theirs is a ‘behind the scenes’ job! So, we’d like to let you know that we have some pretty brilliant lab technicians and a dedicated veterinary pathologist.

The lab staff

Never a dull day!

Hello, my name is Vicki and I've been a veterinary nurse at The Donkey Sanctuary for over ten years.

People often ask me "Don't you get bored working only with donkeys?" It's then that I think back to my first day at the Sanctuary working in the new arrivals unit. A large stallion donkey snorted a good morning bray at me as I walked through the gates and that was the moment I knew donkeys were very different from any other animal that I had worked with (I also thought "What is wrong with that donkey? Should it be making a noise like that?") Little did I know it was a sound that was to become very familiar from then on!

Vicki with Ember the foal

A fairy story? (Not!)

A lovely couple, Ray and Margaret Chester, from North Devon, sadly lost their precious Barnie to liver disease but still cherished his sweet friend, Aidan. They asked if The Donkey Sanctuary could find Aidan a new donkey friend. We chose Bartley and, as soon as Ray and Margaret met Bartley, they fell in love with him and he and Aidan are living happily ever after in their foster home.

And here’s the real one!

Aidan and Bartley

Building relationships in India

This month's blog is written by Kaz, one of our vets, who found herself in India recently after a planned trip to Nepal was diverted due to the ongoing fuel blockade and political and economic instability in the country. Whilst in India she took a day to meet with the staff at Donkey Sanctuary India and see their work.

Covered in a haze of pollution, Delhi is a city of chaos; grey, noisy and congested. However travel to the outskirts and the land suddenly becomes a riot of colour, green and yellow as the fields with their crops of mustard come into view.

Making the bricks

Thank you from Georgie!

As many of our wonderful supporters know the Veterinary Department is moving to a new purpose-built hospital in the future, and this is an expensive project. Lots of you have been incredibly generous and supported the new hospital with donations and cards.

Georgie is a donkey that has figured prominently in some of our appeal literature, so I thought you might like an update about his progress. It has been so touching to read the messages of support and love for him from a multitude of well- wishers worldwide.

Georgie and Gabriel with grooms Laura and Sarah


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