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In Good Working Order

Did you know that all of the UK’s beach donkeys require, by law, an annual vet check in order to certify them as fit to work?

In the same way, The Donkey Sanctuary vets check all the donkeys working at our 6 DAT centres twice every year. Each centre has a local vet for any emergency calls but The Donkey Sanctuary vets each have a centre to oversee which provides continuity and direct communication points with the grooms plus the vets, farriers and dentists involved in the everyday care. This allows us to pick up any problems that might affect the donkeys, or their ability to work, early. As the work they do doesn’t exactly require much exertion (compare them to racehorses for example!), it is important to check for subtle conditions that may go unnoticed.

Chest auscultation

Adoption donkey Gareth loses his sight

Gareth - our gorgeous little donkey, with a personality way beyond his size, is now very sight impaired. We have been noticing that he is a little jumpy when visitors come to see him and even around the grooms that he knows and trusts. On examination he is now almost completely blind. Luckily, Gareth knows his way around his environment very well and we will always respect his need to live right where he is now with his pals.

Gareth the adoption donkey

Brexit - but not for donkeys

Earlier in the year you may have read about our European partners' meeting, bringing together all our Donkey Sanctuary-funded outreach project partners.

Over the summer Andrew Judge, European Operations manager, and myself – Alex Thiemann, vet, have been visiting the projects to gain an overview of the similarities and differences and see how best to continue to support this work.

Our first visit coincided ironically with the momentous Brexit vote - we were in Cyprus when the news came through!

Donkey owner in Cyprus

All Over Check Ups

It’s been a very busy time at Hurfords Farm recently as all the donkeys have been given an all over exam to check for the presence of sarcoids. Sarcoids are a form of skin tumour that can affect all equines and some of our donkeys are very prone to developing them.

Checking the donkeys is a group effort

European outreach partners' meeting

Many of our supporters know a lot about our work overseas, but may be not quite so much about some of our projects and partnerships in European countries, and how these help the donkeys.

The Donkey Sanctuary recently hosted a four day event here in Devon to bring together partner organisations that provide healthcare for the “hidden” equine in some parts of Europe.

European outreach meeting


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