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Popular Poitous move in with mules

Whether you adopt Millie the Mule, or if you have visited our Sidmouth Sanctuary recently, or even if you are just an avid watcher of our live donkey webcams, you will have spotted some additional residents in Shelter 6.

Popular Poitou pair Noah and Dartanyan have moved in with Millie the Mule and her best friend Jump.

These are big donkeys with big characters so the introduction has happened bit by bit, with the two pairs able to 'meet' each other over the fence in the first instance, before becoming fully-fledged 'roomies'.

View from the webcam

Adoption donkeys journey south

In early September I had the pleasure of accompanying five very special donkeys on their journey from Manchester to Sidmouth.

The donkeys in question – Cocoa, Hannah, Toby, Tufty and Dylan – had spent around 12 years each at our Manchester Sanctuary, and it was time for them to put their hooves up with a well-earned retirement in Devon.

Cocoa gets ready to move to Sidmouth

Working with Willow: a walk on the wild side

“What do you think of when you envisage The Donkey Sanctuary?”

That was the first question asked when I took part in a recent volunteer day in Sidmouth.

Some people thought of “cute and fluffy donkeys”, others thought about “a small farm in Devon”, while for others it was the idea of rescuing donkeys and rehoming them.

But The Donkey Sanctuary has taken care of thousands of donkeys over the years and this volunteer day offered a glimpse into the ‘other side’ and the inner workings of the Sanctuary as an operating farm.

Ruth gets to work on the Willow.

View from The Brayers Rest: Summer Fair 2015

As you might imagine, as Digital Communications Officer for The Donkey Sanctuary, a large slice of my interaction with people is through a screen via social media or e-mails.

So when Chris from our events team called to say he needed a volunteer for the beer tent at the Summer Fair (The Brayers Rest), I jumped at the chance to help out – naturally.

I hadn’t been the ‘wrong’ side of the pumps since I took on a summer job at my local Wetherspoons to see me through university, but I was relishing the chance to natter with the Sanctuary’s amazing supporters face to face.

Dandy checking out the duck race

Joining the Donkey Sanctuary family

With all the names and faces I have been introduced to this week, I could almost be forgiven for forgetting my own.

Not just names of staff, but their dogs (who happily sleep in the dog-friendly offices) and, of course, donkeys.

I am actually the new Digital Communications Officer at The Donkey Sanctuary. My name is Ryan Peasland and I have joined the hard-working communications team to help boost the profile of the Sanctuary and its amazing multi-faceted work.

Ryan Peasland
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